Episode #248: Percival Dumbledore and the Mating Habits of Dementors

The team plays fast and loose with the definition of “adaptation” so that they can cover Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018), the newest addition to the Potterverse, about which ours hosts hold very strong opinions.

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Vlog: Characters We Love to Hate

In which Kendyl  lists those characters that are really enjoyable to watch and really satisfying to hate.

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Vlog: Alan Rickman Spotlight

In which Kendyl pays tribute to the great Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman Interview

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Vlog: Rest in Print Golden Trio

Jenn travels back in time to complete our Harry Potter month, gushing over the written Golden Trio, and bemoaning the differences in the films!

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Vlog: Harry Potter in the Eyes of a Non-Reader

In which Dorin explains how the Harry Potter films failed the non-readers.

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Vlog: Rest in Print Peeves

Continuing with our Harry Potter month, Jess outlines the many exploits of Peeves from the book series, and bemoans the absolute absence of his antics from the films.

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Vlog: Rest in Print Marauders

In our second vlog about mistreated Harry Potter characters, Jess gets a little emotional over the representation of the Marauders in the Harry Potter books…and the lack thereof in the film adaptations

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Vlog: Rest in Print Neville Longbottom

The first in our month of mistreated Harry Potter characters, Kendyl talks about the character traits and plot points left out of the films that lead to Neville being misrepresented.

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Vlog: Five Memorable Quotes You Wish You Could Forget

Jenn lists off the top five quotes that we would love to scrub from our brains.



Vlog: Best Friendship Chemistry in Books and Movies

In which Jessica tells you our picks for the best friendships in books and on screen.


Vlog Spotlight: Starkid Productions

In which Jenn gives us a rundown of the amazing work of Starkid Productions.



Vlog: Seven Worst Romantic Pairings

In which we list the romantic pairings that fell short of our expectations.



Vlog: Top Five Character Blunders

In which Jess tells you our picks for the most atrocious character defining mistakes.


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Vlog: Seven Most Infuriating Endings

In which Kendyl gets a little worked up over this week’s list of adaptations with infuriating endings.


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Vlog: Seven Worst Casting Choices

In which we list some of the worst casting decisions Hollywood has made for film adaptations.


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Vlog: What Are We Reading? (March 2014)

In which most of our hosts are uncreatively reading a single series…but the rest of us make up for it with original stories and fanfiction!


Fanfiction Links:

Priori Incantatem by fellytone

The House on Thornrose Lane: A Grimm Tale by Alicia Blade

Vlog: BONUS Worst Adapted Character (Ginny Weasley is Awesome, Just Not in the Films)

In which we freak out a little and apologize for a grievous error.


Vlog: Seven Most Epic Book to Movie Moments

In which we give you the scenes that were epically accurate in translation to the screen.


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Vlog: Five Best Character Adaptations

In which our hosts list character adaptations that we thought were the “whole package” on screen. In fact, we’re convinced that these aren’t actors–they ARE the characters straight from the page! After all, you’ve heard of Inkheart, right? It could happen!