Adaptation #80: Two Factions Diverged in a Wood

header080Following up on our episode on Veronica Roth’s Divergent, the team gathers around to talk about the film adaptation by Neil Burger. While they welcomed some of the changes, there were others that they felt needed clarification, as well as some characters that needed more screen time.

Have a listen and tell us if you agree with our assessment! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Music: Run Boy Run by Woodkid


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

-April 4 (US), March 28 (UK)

-Based on the Marvel comics

Main Discussion

Divergent (2014)

-Based on the first book in the trilogy by Veronica Roth

-Screenplay by Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor

-Directed by Neil Burger

-Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, Zoe Kravitz and Ashley Judd

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