Interview: Rainy Kerwin on The Wedding Invitation (2017)

Kendyl interviews Rainy Kerwin about her new film, The Wedding Invitation (2017), following three friends who set out to pursue their dream guys in time to bring them to the 80s prom-themed wedding of the coolest girl in their high school class.

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Interview: Cate Shortland on Berlin Syndrome

Max Riemelt and Teresa Palmer in Cate Shortland’s “Berlin Syndrome”
Photos courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

Kendyl interviews director Cate Shortland about her newest film, Berlin Syndrome (2017) based on the book by Melanie Joosten, about a photographer on a trip to Berlin who is held hostage after a one-night stand.

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Interview: Robin Swicord on Wakefield

Kendyl interviews writer and director Robin Swicord about her film Wakefield (2016), based on the E.L. Doctorow short story of the same name which follows the strange and complex journey of a man who secretly starts living above his own garage, watching his family go about their lives in his absence.

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