About Us

Adaptation – The Story

Adaptation Podcast was conceived, like many things, in a tipsy stupor in a hotel room at LeakyCon 2011 when Kendyl’s new friend Keith decided that they were both brilliant and should start a podcast. When Hank Green started ReadIt1st, asking Nerdfighters to pledge to read the book before they saw the film, the subject of the podcast was decided on. Sadly, with Kendyl back in London and Keith back in California the 8 hour time difference proved a foe that would not be beat and Kendyl turned to her trusty flatmate Jessica to be her first co-host. The two then proceeded to rope in other flatmates, siblings, and friends into what is now quite the team!

In 2013, Jess realized that the only social network we weren’t on was YouTube and with a lot of work and planning she launched the Adaptation vlog in September of that year.

Kendyl Bryant (SHE/HER) – Podcast Founder, Editor, and Vlogger

Working as an audiobook proofer, Kendyl loves young adult fiction, fantasy, scifi, and musicals whether it’s movies, TV, or books. A proud Slytherin, her main fandom is Harry Potter, but she has fully disowned JKR. Her other fandoms include Buffy the Vampire SlayerAvatar: The Last Airbender, the Grishaverse, and Doctor Who. She arguably watches way too much YouTube, reads way too much fanfiction, and drinks way too much coffee. She is bi/queer. You can follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram.

Jessica Dunn – Podcast Co-host and Vlog Founder


Jess works as a Production Assistant at John Wiley and Sons in New Jersey. Despite working in scientific journal publishing, she loves reading Young Adult lit with the passion of a thousand burning sons. Most particularly, she adores anything to do with fairytales or twists on them, as well as dystopian novels – from happily ever after to hopefully never after! Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr!

Dorin Rufer – Podcast Co-host and Vlogger


Dorin has an MFA in Creative Writing with Publishing and is currently working on many types of writings – including trying to reboot her personal blog. She appreciates good storytelling, whether that be in a book, graphic novel, film, or even a video game. She has started her own stained glass art business, which has sold items all across the US and Canada. You can follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, but she mostly uses social media to promote her ever growing business The Pudgy Blue Pig, which you can also find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business.

Jennifer Dick – Podcast Co-host and Vlogger


Jenn is currently working on her Translation Studies MA at Dublin City University.  She’s a fan of reading/watching things that could never happen in real life, such as in fantasy and science fiction genres. And, yes, she and Jess are twins.

Corey Brooks – Podcast Co-host


Corey and is a Production Assistant at Dartmouth Journal Services in Vermont. She loves books, movies, family (the family she chooses as much as the one she was born with) and anything to do with cooking (as you will see from her Pintrest page). Her guilty pleasure is romance novels, but she loves all books. You can also follow me on Twitter!

Nicole Wilson – Podcast Co-host


After a messy divorce from music, Wilson fell into a torrid love affair with writing. They’ve been somewhat happily married since 2013, when her first novel was published in partnership with Schuler’s Books & Music Chapbook Press. Wilson graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s of Art in Writing in 2011 with an emphasis on fiction and poetry. Since then, under the pseudonym Vera West, she has self-published a handful of novels and two collections of poems that tackle themes of love, redemption, cultural identity, social issues and the afterlife. Wilson resides in Michigan with her family and can often be found reheating the tea she forgot she made or reading a good book. You can connect with her on Twitter!

Sarah Johnson – Podcast Co-host


Sarah is currently in Florida working hard for everyone’s favorite mouse at the Disney College Program. Not surprisingly she is a major Disney fangirl, in addition to being a very proud Hufflepuff.

Ryan Smith – Podcast Co-host

Our resident science fiction geek and comic book connoisseur, Ryan is a loyal Star Wars fan who enjoys playing video games, debating the merits of Iron Man over… every other superhero and forcing Kendyl to watch trash reality shows (and also some really good ones).

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