Episode #331: Peter on Peter on Peter

Jenn, Dorin, and Kendyl discuss Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), fall back in love with all the Peters, and outline some AU fanfiction.

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Episode #268: If It Weren’t for the Peter Tingle

In this episode, Adaptation covers Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), the MCU after the blip, and a world without Tony.

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Vlog: Musicals Based on Movies

In which Kendyl lists the many musicals that were inspired by movies.

‘Footloose’: The OKG true Hollywood story

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Vlog: Seven Worst Romantic Pairings

In which we list the romantic pairings that fell short of our expectations.



Marc Webb Uses Great Power to Take on Great Responsibility With The Amazing Spider-Man; New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

ImageWith less than a week left before the July 3rd premiere of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the hype and hysteria caused by the Marvel web-slinger is being continually fueled by new sneak peeks and teaser information about the film itself. Most recently, they released two 7-minute videos of behind-the-scene footage, in which the directors and cast discuss the characters, the effects, the story, and much more!

So, where to start?

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