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Vlog: And Then There Were None Spotlight

In which Jess discusses the good and bad in the 2015 BBC miniseries And Then There Were None.

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Vlog: Best Adaptations of 2017


In which Jess recaps our hosts’ choices for best adaptations released in 2017.
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New Castings for Sondheim Make a Party in the Woods

I was scrolling through Tumblr today when I came across this pretty little screenshot of the IMDB page for Stephen Sondheim and Rob Marshall’s upcoming adaptation of Into the Woods.


Yep, that’s right! The page has exploded with new castings! And I don’t even know where to start! First of all, we’re clearly seeing another star-studded cast as in Mamma Mia and Les Miserables. It’s the price we have to pay for seeing Broadway on the big screen as a Hollywood production. The real question on everyone’s minds, though: The acting talent is clearly here, but can they sing? Or are we in for another Russell “And I am Javert” Crowe fiasco?

Well, James Corden at least has already been tested on the musical stage, with a Tony under his belt. So his casting as the Baker is one less thing to worry about. And according to her IMDB page, newly cast Baker’s wife Emily Blunt was briefly featured in ex-boyfriend Michael Bublé’s song “Me and Mrs. Jones” from his album “Call Me Irresponsible”. And if her bio page can be believed, is known as a “strong alto singer”. Johnny Depp of course had his day as Sweeny Todd, but what about Chris Pine? Or Jake Gyllenhaal? As far as we know, they have never hit a musical note…at least not professionally. And I know that I can’t be the only one with slight concerns.

But you know what? I’m still hoping for a positive attitude. I can’t bear to do otherwise. Because if Disney messes up Sondheim, I think I’m going to cry. Or turn back to Bernadette Peters for some serious Broadway therapy.

Comments? Commiseration? Concerns? Comfort? Post below.

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Note: The artwork/poster associated with this article is not the official image for Into the Woods the movie. Adaptation was given permission to use this fan-made piece by its artist, Nathan, whose work can be found on his Tumblr page.

Sondheim Returns to the Woods in a Musical Remake with Meryl Streep

IntoTheWoodsWith so many twisted fairy tales appearing on television and the big screen, Disney will be returning to one of the earliest fairy tale adaptations with a feature film version of Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical, Into the Woods. Still in the early stages of planning, Broadway World reported that Disney will be due to start filming in October. Most exciting of all, Meryl Streep has confirmed her role as the Witch in this show – one of the most bad-ass, psychologically complex characters you will find in any reimagined fairy tale! Continue reading

New Trailer for Sea of Monsters Welcomes New Faces and Plot Points

It’s finally happened. Three years after Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released in theaters, our wait is nearly over. The next installment of the film series is due to hit theaters this summer, and in the meantime, fans can whet their appetites with this first trailer for Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters. Continue reading

Mourning the Loss of Magic: Merlin Ends With Series 5

My life is over. Come Christmas, my Saturday nights will no longer be full of magic and adventure. And why is that?

Because Merlin is ending. And I don’t just mean the-season-finale-is-coming-crap-now-we’ll-have-to-wait-another-six-months-for-Colin’s-cheekbones. Nope, BBC has announced that this season will be the last, despite the tantalizing season 6 hints that they teased us with this summer. So, here I am, saying sorry for raising hopes with our previous post, but you must understand, dear readers, that I am just as disappointed as you are. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time Brings in Some Testosterone with Four New Male Cast Members

The official countdown to Once Upon a Time Season 2 can now begin! ABC has announced its fall premiere dates, so we now know that our favorite fairy tale spin-off is returning on September 30 for its sophomore season. And Season 2 not only promises a newly magical Storybrooke, but also several new male cast members alongside the strong heroines we’ve already seen. Continue reading

Merlin’s Magic Hits Fifth Season with Facebook Game, Hints at Film and Cartoon


In a land of film and a time of television, the destiny of a great series rests on the shoulders of a talented cast. This show?


Does anyone else get goosebumps right from the Great Dragon’s opening line? I know I do. And Kendyl and I nearly died from hysterics when Series Four opened by changing Merlin from a “young boy” to a “young man.” We’ve watched him grow up, grow into his magic, and now even more exciting things are happening with the popular BBC One series! Continue reading

A True Asgardian Switch: Zachary Levi to Play Fandral in Thor 2


If anyone’s been listening to the buzz surrounding the next Marvel adaptation, Thor 2 has officially confirmed rumors that Chuck’s Zachary Levi will be replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral, one of the Asgardian adventurers fighting alongside Thor. Continue reading

There’s a High Chance of Getting Lost in Once Upon a Time

It’s common knowledge that ABC’s Once Upon a Time has been brought to us from the producers of Lost. And while some may delightedly bemoan the fact, knowing that the collaborative powers of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis bring sleeplessness and anxiety with every complex plot twist and cliffhanger ending, there have also been some definite perks. Continue reading

OUAT Casting Never Rests! Sarah Bolger to Play Sleeping Beauty

So barely an hour after we posted about Jamie Chung’s casting as Mulan in Season 2 of Once Upon a Time, we have another juicy little nugget of news for our rabid readers. A Hollywood Reporter article reports that Sarah Bolger, whose casting credits include The Tudors, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and a starring role in ABC’s pilot of Gilded Lilys, will be joining OUAT as the quintessential narcoleptic princess, Sleeping Beauty. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time Prepares for War? Jamie Chung cast as Mulan for Season 2


Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted that I – like every other Once Upon a Time fan out there – couldn’t wait for season 2 to start? Well, after today’s news update, that goes double!

So, let’s get down to business… Continue reading

Love for Phantom of the Opera Never Dies…But Its Sequel Might

Apparently, love never dies…even when you’re not entirely sure how or when or what the hell happened.

This is the lesson I learned yesterday when Corey, Dorin, and I went to the one-night-only film premiere of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to his musical phenomenon The Phantom of the Opera. Like many POTO fans, I was understandably apprehensive about this continuation of the story. I mean, who doesn’t love the original ending, particularly on the stage show? When Christine and Raoul row away together and the Phantom mysteriously disappears, leaving only his white mask behind. I’ve seen the stage show twice, and it has never failed to give me goosebumps, that last shot of the illuminated Phantom mask before the spotlight dims. The air of mystery seemed so much more satisfying than any happy-ever-after could have provided. How can you follow it up? Continue reading

Marc Webb Uses Great Power to Take on Great Responsibility With The Amazing Spider-Man; New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

ImageWith less than a week left before the July 3rd premiere of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the hype and hysteria caused by the Marvel web-slinger is being continually fueled by new sneak peeks and teaser information about the film itself. Most recently, they released two 7-minute videos of behind-the-scene footage, in which the directors and cast discuss the characters, the effects, the story, and much more!

So, where to start?

Continue reading

The Belle Tolls for Once Upon a Time

I’m in withdrawal.

Fairy tale withdrawal.

Since the season finale of Once Upon a Time on May 13, it pains me to have another Sunday go by without getting my OUAT fix. And with that ending – the curse broken, Snow White reunited with her Prince Charming, Regina’s comeuppance, magic’s return to Storybrooke – how in the world are we all supposed to wait until the fall for season 2 to start?

There’s only one thing that helps me get through this long period of waiting: those tantalizing tidbits of info telling us what to expect from the next season. And no news could be quite so magical as the OUAT exclusive released earlier this week, which announced that Emilie de Ravin has been updated to series regular for season 2.

Continue reading