Mourning the Loss of Magic: Merlin Ends With Series 5

My life is over. Come Christmas, my Saturday nights will no longer be full of magic and adventure. And why is that?

Because Merlin is ending. And I don’t just mean the-season-finale-is-coming-crap-now-we’ll-have-to-wait-another-six-months-for-Colin’s-cheekbones. Nope, BBC has announced that this season will be the last, despite the tantalizing season 6 hints that they teased us with this summer. So, here I am, saying sorry for raising hopes with our previous post, but you must understand, dear readers, that I am just as disappointed as you are.

That being said, let’s try to put a happy face on this, look at it as a glass half full. While we will no longer have cheekbone porn, Arthur-and-Merlin adorableness, and Morgana’s hilariously-evil smirks, we DO have an end to our anticipation. This announcement means that the last five episodes in Season 5 MUST include a couple noteworthy moments we have all been waiting for:

1) Gwen breaking Arthur’s heart (possibly with Lancelot)

Okay, so maybe it’s not something we have really been looking FORWARD to, but I can’t be the only one wondering where the Arthurian legend has gone, right? Where we are right now in Series 5, Arthur and Gwen have had five years of marital bliss in the Golden Age of Albion. So I guess it was bound to happen eventually that she would have to betray him according to the legend (at least more so than that Season 4 dalliance with Lancelot, ooh la la). And I’ve pondered for a while how they were planning to corrupt this ever-pure, likeable version of Guinevere.

I guess I just didn’t expect it to be through Stockholm Syndrome with Morgana. If you ask me, that diminishes my respect for Gwen to believe she was that naïve or weak to believe Morgana’s ploy. But who knows? There are still some episodes left for some mind games. I kind of wish this is where we could have another season with more character development to wrap our mind around the fact that we shouldn’t root for Gwen anymore.

2) Mordred’s part in Arthur’s doom

Because Mordred is a good little knight now, but he’s supposed to kill the king at some point. They’ve seemingly already explained this away, but you can’t fight destiny! I’ll be interested in finding out how they manage to make Mordred evil in spite of himself.

And, most importantly…

3) Merlin’s magic reveal!!!!!

This one must be the foremost event on every Merlin fan’s mind. When will Arthur find out about his faithful servant’s ability? When will anyone find out? I don’t believe anyone who says that they aren’t eagerly waiting Morgana’s reaction when she FINALLY discovers that Merlin is Emrys. Although again, I think the magic reveal to Arthur could have waited another season, maybe to let another person find out first – even Gwen or Morgana, to heighten the drama.

Okay, this little exercise in positivity has been rather counterproductive. If anything, it’s made me even more depressed at this end to an era. Maybe you can help? Go ahead and leave a comment below with questions you hope will be answered in the last few episodes or parts you’d like to see. After all, the days are numbered, and soon we’ll see the last of Colin, Bradley, Angel and Katie. Do not let Merlin go unmourned!

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