Once Upon a Time Brings in Some Testosterone with Four New Male Cast Members

The official countdown to Once Upon a Time Season 2 can now begin! ABC has announced its fall premiere dates, so we now know that our favorite fairy tale spin-off is returning on September 30 for its sophomore season. And Season 2 not only promises a newly magical Storybrooke, but also several new male cast members alongside the strong heroines we’ve already seen.

First up, we have a regular knight of the Round Table…literally. Yep, that’s right, Once Upon a Time is delving into Arthurian legend with the casting of Teen Wolf’s Sinqua Walls as Sir Lancelot. According to TVLine, this Lancelot will appear as a “sword for hire with nothing to lose,” having been banished from his place at Arthur’s Round Table and separated from his true love, Queen Guinevere. Though he’s only booked for one episode so far, who knows? We may just see more of Camelot’s bravest warrior.

But Lancelot is by no means the only noble due to appear in OUAT’s new season. Returning to its Disney roots, the ABC show has also cast Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris to play Prince Phillip, the prince who will seek to awaken Sarah Bolger’s Sleeping Beauty. He’s described as a young warrior and selfless hero, the veteran of many tough journeys. It’ll be interesting to see how this prince is portrayed in Storybrooke as compared to this Fairy Tale Land description – particularly as to how his counterpart will compare with David/Prince Charming, Sean (Cinderella’s prince), and the other male heroes we’ve seen thus far.

But don’t think OUAT is skimping on the evil dudes! For those who have seen the Season 2 promo, you already know to expect a certain hooked, be-curled villain – the nemesis of the boy who never grew up. Well, in racing against the clock, they have finally found their Captain Hook in Irish actor Colin O’Donoghue. According to Inside TV, O’Donoghue’s Hook will be every bit the confident, ruthless pirate with a healthy mix of English gentleman thrown in.

And in a more mysterious casting move, True Blood’s Michael Raymond-James has also been added to the OUAT cast for season 2, though his character has yet to be announced. According to Inside TV, Raymond-James will have a recurring role in the series. But what do you think? Will he be appearing as a hero alongside Prince Phillip, or is he more likely to be a baddie like Captain Hook? Or maybe he’ll hug the gray area with Lancelot…

With these casting choices, it looks like OUAT is looking to add some male heroism to its female bad-assness! Any predictions as to how this might show up? Who are you most looking forward to seeing come September 30?

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1 thought on “Once Upon a Time Brings in Some Testosterone with Four New Male Cast Members

  1. I am so happy that Once Upon a Time is almost back in my primetime lineup! I’m excited to see what these guys bring to the table too, especially Julian Morris. I love him in Pretty Little Liars, so I’m sure he’ll bring a lot to the show. What excites me even more for the next season is actually the fact that I’ll be able to watch this show commercial free, when it starts recording on my Hopper with Primetime Anytime! I bought one of those receivers when my coworker at Dish told me about Auto Hop a few months ago, so since then I’ve been enjoying everything that records to my Hopper during primetime commercial free on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. If I wasn’t into Once Upon a Time before, I can definitely see my addiction for it growing next month when I can actually get into the entire show without having to worry about commercial breaks. 🙂


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