The Belle Tolls for Once Upon a Time

I’m in withdrawal.

Fairy tale withdrawal.

Since the season finale of Once Upon a Time on May 13, it pains me to have another Sunday go by without getting my OUAT fix. And with that ending – the curse broken, Snow White reunited with her Prince Charming, Regina’s comeuppance, magic’s return to Storybrooke – how in the world are we all supposed to wait until the fall for season 2 to start?

There’s only one thing that helps me get through this long period of waiting: those tantalizing tidbits of info telling us what to expect from the next season. And no news could be quite so magical as the OUAT exclusive released earlier this week, which announced that Emilie de Ravin has been updated to series regular for season 2.

Cast to reprise her role as Belle, the LOST alum’s promotion is more a pleasant confirmation than a surprise, given the events in the season 1 finale. Last time we checked in with one-half of our favorite Rumpbelle pairing, she had been sprung from Storybrooke captivity and reunited with Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. With the curse broken and her memories restored, she seemed set to claim her happy-ever-after ending…but what will the new season have in store for her? Romance or heartbreak? Personally, I’m hoping that she gets an even better, kick-ass storyline, but what do you think?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “The Belle Tolls for Once Upon a Time

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