OUAT Casting Never Rests! Sarah Bolger to Play Sleeping Beauty

So barely an hour after we posted about Jamie Chung’s casting as Mulan in Season 2 of Once Upon a Time, we have another juicy little nugget of news for our rabid readers. A Hollywood Reporter article reports that Sarah Bolger, whose casting credits include The Tudors, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and a starring role in ABC’s pilot of Gilded Lilys, will be joining OUAT as the quintessential narcoleptic princess, Sleeping Beauty.

If rumors are to be believed, it seems pretty certain that Sleeping Beauty, otherwise known as Princess Aurora, is set to play a fairly big role in the coming season. But what we want to know is: what sort of part might she have in Storybrooke itself? After all, the finale brought us the dragon-y demise of Aurora’s nemesis, Maleficent (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten) in the real world. Of course, now that magic has returned to Storybrooke, who knows what that might mean?

And while we expect to see the Sleeping Beauty backstory in fairy tale flashbacks, it will be interesting to see what spin the writers intend to take on this well-known tale – particularly in how they’ll set Aurora’s sleep apart from Snow White’s self-sacrificial coma. Or even Henry’s! And David’s! With that track record, who else is willing to bet that Sarah Bolger’s fairy tale debut in OUAT will start with the character snoozing away? Anyone?

Not to mention that deep down, OUAT is Disney through and through. So when you’ve got fairy tale source material from a 1959 animated film – ooh, let’s just wait and see how Bolger will bring a 50’s princess into the 21st century! Especially one who’s literally asleep during the good stuff.

You know, I’m up for any twists and ties the writers throw at us in Season 2, as long as we don’t see any fairy battles about the merits of blue and pink. I think that might put me to sleep.

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