Vlog: Best Adaptations of 2017


In which Jess recaps our hosts’ choices for best adaptations released in 2017.
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Vlog: Adaptations We Wish Existed (Again!)

In what has become a yearly tradition, Jessica presents our Adaptation hosts’ choices for hopeful adaptations…and some may be more likely than we think!

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Vlog: Best Historical Adaptations

Jess lists our choices for best historical adaptations.

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Episode #188: Hidden Figures Make History

In this episode, Adaptation reviews Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly and the 2016 film that’s based on it. The hosts marvel at the fact that they were unaware of these amazing women and how hard math is while comparing the two.

Question(s) of the Week: Do you know of any other hidden figures that should have movies made about them?

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Vlog: Most Anticipated Adaptations of 2017

In which Jess lists the 2017 adaptations we are most looking forward to!

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