Vlog: Seven Most Infuriating Endings

In which Kendyl gets a little worked up over this week’s list of adaptations with infuriating endings.


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Vlog: What Are We Reading? (November 2013)

In which our newly introduced host Jennifer lists the books (and book series) that have kept us busy…when we aren’t caught up in our usual slew of adaptations!


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Vlog: Five Worst Character Adaptations

In which our Adaptation hosts present our list of bad character adaptations. It’s a little skimpy for some reason, but we’re sure you can help us add to it!

Also, check out our list of Five Best Character Adaptations!


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Adaptation #58: City of Inconsequence

header058After seeing The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the team talks over the films strengths and weaknesses as an adaptation, and admit their confusion about the presence of implications that were not in the book. While some things were lost and others gained, the hosts still have one question: why is it named after a city that we spend all of five minutes in?

Also check out our episode on the novel by Cassandra Clare.

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Adaptation #54: TMI and Incestuous Canoodling

header054In this rather late episode, our hosts discuss the first Mortal Instruments installment by Cassandra Clare, City of Bones. They all seem to love the exact same characters, and find the others a little less than bright, while rolling their eyes at how none of them realize that they are stringing someone along. And the ending makes some love the book more, while others feel it’s too reminiscent of another beloved series.

Edit: Now available, check out the episode on the film!

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