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Vlog: Underrated Movie Monsters // Horror Month

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Vlog: Worst Horror Adaptations // Horror Month

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Staff Recommendations – September 2014

It’s time again for the Adaptation staff to tell you what they have been enjoying in the month of September!

Orphan Black

A fascinating sci-fi series about a streetwise girl (Sarah) who witnesses a woman commit suicide– a woman who happens to look just like her. So to escape issues in her own life, she takes the identity of her lookalike (Beth) and becomes embroiled in a situation she never saw coming. Turns out, there aren’t just two of them who could be twins–there a several across the world, genetic clones created in a secret experiment twenty years ago. And someone is systematically killing them off. The true highlight in this series is the actress who plays all the clones, Tatiana Maslany. She acts so well in the different personas, you forget it’s the same person!


Sleepy Hallow

My mother was adamant that I binge watch the first season, so that I could watch up to date episodes of the second as it airs. She was right to do so. I wasn’t sure at first how I was going to feel about it, but I’m hooked. Ichobod Crane faced the headless horseman in the American Revolution, where both were slain. He then wakes up in a cave in present day, only to find that the Horseman has as well. So he teams up with a local policewoman whose Sheriff and friend, has just been beheaded by said horseman. As they solve these supernatural crimes, they come to realize that there is much more to them and to who the horseman really is and why he has returned. It seems that their fates had been entwined over two centuries ago. The second season just began Monday, September 22 at 9pm on Fox, and now that I have to wait a week between each episode, it’s frustrating because I just want to keep watching!


The Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

I recently finished reading the first two books- Falling Kingdoms, and Rebel Spring.  The third book, Gathering Darkness, is supposed to come out December 9.  These books rotate narration between characters from the three adjoining kingdoms of Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia, as well as giving the point of view of the Watchers–the mysterious, immortal beings who–you guessed it–watch over everything that occurs.  As with many books of this genre, this series is based around an ancient prophecy regarding a reborn sorceress and powerful items known as the Kindred which, when combined, could determine the fate of all three kingdoms.  With such power up for grabs, all three nations get pulled into the conflict in different degrees, leading to tragedies and alliances on every side.  While I (obviously) have yet to read the third book, the first two books are excellent.  They are well written, and the story is absolutely fascinating.  I can’t wait to read the third!


Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

Remember that movie from 2003 with Nick Cannon? Love Don’t Cost a Thing? THIS is the original. High school nerd Ronald, played by a young Patrick Dempsey, works hard all summer to save up to buy a $1,000 telescope, but at the last second, his plans change. What he really wants is to be one of the popular kids and in an effort to do so, he offers cheerleader Cindy the money in exchange for a month of pretending to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Cindy, she has gotten herself in a bit of a jam and the money would fix it, so she agrees. But in order for Cindy to be seen with Ronald, he’s going to have to make some changes. And he does. By the time the month comes to an end, Ronald has adopted not only new clothes and mannerisms, but a new arrogant attitude. Maybe by now this story seems familiar, even over-done, but this film is so sweet, quirky and adorable that it is worth every minute (and I’m not just talking about Dempsey, who is priceless in this role).


That’s it for us this month, but be sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments!

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Vlog: Seven Worst Casting Choices

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New Trailer for Sea of Monsters Welcomes New Faces and Plot Points

It’s finally happened. Three years after Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was released in theaters, our wait is nearly over. The next installment of the film series is due to hit theaters this summer, and in the meantime, fans can whet their appetites with this first trailer for Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters. Continue reading

Mourning the Loss of Magic: Merlin Ends With Series 5

My life is over. Come Christmas, my Saturday nights will no longer be full of magic and adventure. And why is that?

Because Merlin is ending. And I don’t just mean the-season-finale-is-coming-crap-now-we’ll-have-to-wait-another-six-months-for-Colin’s-cheekbones. Nope, BBC has announced that this season will be the last, despite the tantalizing season 6 hints that they teased us with this summer. So, here I am, saying sorry for raising hopes with our previous post, but you must understand, dear readers, that I am just as disappointed as you are. Continue reading

Merlin All Grown Up: A Sneak Peek at “Merlin” Season 5

Trailers—both a blessing and a curse for fans everywhere.  They display tantalizing images to hype up our excitement, and yet explain absolutely nothing.  The new trailer for the upcoming fifth season of our beloved Merlin is a prime example of this frustrating phenomenon.

Giddy with excitement?  So am I.

Jumping in your seat?  Me too.

In agony because of all your questions?  I know the feeling all too well.

Fortunately for us, we also have the oh-so-generous creators/writers of Merlin to fill in a few of the blanks left behind in round table discussions that preceded the much-anticipated Merlin panel at Comic-Con.  Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy spilled the beans on a few aspects of Season 5 that we can be sure to look forward to—including a Camelot that has aged three years since the end of Season 4.

And what has changed in these 3 years?  Character-wise, we can expect an even more hardened Morgana, as well as a brand-new Mordred—literally.  The part of the Druid boy—excuse me, man—will now be played by Alexander Vlahos.


Well, he’s certainly not a boy anymore.  Though I have to say, I think Asa Butterfield was somehow creepier.

To match the darkening of Merlin’s antagonists, Season 5 is reputed to be gaining a more mature tone as well—not surprising, considering that the main villain of the legend has finally passed puberty.  In fact, all of our favorite characters are finally growing up, and the writers have promised multi-stranded episodes to explore their development.

So which characters are you most looking forward to seeing more of?  The royal couple?  A favorite knight?  Or a delightfully evil antagonist?  Leave your comments below!

Merlin’s Magic Hits Fifth Season with Facebook Game, Hints at Film and Cartoon


In a land of film and a time of television, the destiny of a great series rests on the shoulders of a talented cast. This show?


Does anyone else get goosebumps right from the Great Dragon’s opening line? I know I do. And Kendyl and I nearly died from hysterics when Series Four opened by changing Merlin from a “young boy” to a “young man.” We’ve watched him grow up, grow into his magic, and now even more exciting things are happening with the popular BBC One series! Continue reading