Vlog: Terrible Performances in Good Adaptations

In which Dorin lists the actors who almost ruined perfectly good adaptations.

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Vlog: Six On Screen Characters We Want Origin Stories For

Sarah J returns to tell the viewers what characters from the world of screens big and small that we need origin stories for!



Author Spotlight Vlog: Jane Austen

In which Jenn turns our author spotlight onto the unparalleled Jane Austen.



Vlog: Five Best Romantic Pairings

In which we tell you our picks for couples with the best romantic chemistry.


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Vlog: Favorite Adaptations of 2013

Where we list off our favorite adaptations of the year, from film to television to YouTube.


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Adaptation #62: Engagingly Clueless Emma

header062Serving as proof that Jess and Kendyl shouldn’t be left alone, this episode consists of the overly excitable duo’s discussion of Jane Austen’s Emma as well as their thoughts on the first video of Emma Approved, possible spin-off vlogs, and desired LBD cameos.

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For similar adaptations, check out our episodes on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Anna Karenina, Much Ado About Nothing, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.

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Adaptation #42: All About the EL-BEE-DEE!

header042What?! After a year of Mondays and Thursdays spent in anticipation of a new episode, our Austen-inclined hosts discuss Hank Green and Bernie Su’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and its whole new level of audience immersion. We gush over our love for most of the characters, seethe over our hatred for others and sit in awe of the realization that they all had depth that we weren’t initially expecting from this Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

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