Adaptation #62: Engagingly Clueless Emma

header062Serving as proof that Jess and Kendyl shouldn’t be left alone, this episode consists of the overly excitable duo’s discussion of Jane Austen’s Emma as well as their thoughts on the first video of Emma Approved, possible spin-off vlogs, and desired LBD cameos.

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Music: Change by The Lightening Seeds


Captain Phillips

-Oct 11 (US), Oct 18 (UK)

-Based on A Captain’s Duty by Richard Phillips (true story)

The Walking Dead, Season 4

-Oct 13

-Based on the comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

Shout Outs

-Jenny Bender (@JBend22), from Bones live tweet

-Kristen Dyrr (@KristenHead), Elementary live tweets and Yahoo TV Tweet-cap

@theTVmouse and Kelly Connelly (@_kellyQ) recaps and reviews of tv shows on wordpress

-Nicole commented on the Best Character Adaptation vlog, Col. Brandon

Main Discussion


-by Jane Austen

-published in 1815

-fourth published novel

-other adaptations: Clueless (1995), Emma (1996, Gwyneth), Emma (1996, ITV, Kate Beckinsale)

-characters: Emma, Knightley, Harriet, Frank Churchill, The Westons, Miss Bates, Mr. Woodhouse, The Eltons, Jane Fairfax,

-it’s hard to listen to Miss Bates… until you start having to listen to Mrs. Elton

-Mrs. Elton: self-complimentary and always fishing for more

-language, narration and dialogue paper

-themes/issues: misinterpretation, status, duty, arrogance,

-people influencing others: Not just with Emma and Harriet, but Frank Churchill and Emma, and Mr. and Mrs. Elton enhancing each other’s bad qualities

Emma Approved

-Hank Green and Bernie Su

-Follow up to Lizzie Bennet Diaries (covered on episode #42) and Sanditon

-Emma mentions Gigi Darcy on

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Previous episode: #61 on Robert Schwentke’s film R.I.P.D.

3 thoughts on “Adaptation #62: Engagingly Clueless Emma

  1. Hi Kendyl!

    Thanks for liking my post on Carrie! I have to say that Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s so clever and funny. I look forward to listening to your podcasts!



    • No problem! I really hope that you enjoy the podcasts!

      If you like Clueless, you should really check out Emma Approved ( if you haven’t yet. It’s a little less 90s (which is a shame really) but it’s an older modernization of Emma, when she’s a young professional instead of a high school student.


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