Vlog: Best Superhero Incarnations

In which Jessica gives you a list of the best versions of our favorite superheroes, with a little help from our friends.



Vlog: Five Best Romantic Pairings

In which we tell you our picks for couples with the best romantic chemistry.


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Vlog: Ten Best Casting Choices

In which we have The Hunger Games on the brain and tell you our picks for the best casting choices.



Vlog: Top Five Unforeseen Book to Movie Twists

In which our Adaptation hosts list the plot twists that threw us for a loop in the films versus the original.


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Adaptation #44: Iron Man Suit Up!

header044While mooning over Tony Stark and admiring Pepper’s bad-assery, the hosts discuss their favorite moments of Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. Going through the various story arcs, they compare the film to Marvel canon with the help of Adaptation’s resident Iron Man expert and the 2010 Extremis mini-series.

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