Adaptation #82: Captain America and the Bromantic Soldiers

header082Starting off our summer of Marvel films, we gather together to talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Steve bros around with Sam and Natasha before confronting former bro, Bucky. While some hosts consider these the lame superheroes, others appreciate that this was a more down-to-earth hero film. They throw in a little Agents of SHIELD discussion and talk about what might become of our beloved agency in their continuing battle with Hydra.

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Adaptation #68: Thor and the Trickster

header068In this episode on Thor: The Dark World, the hosts discuss the brotherly relationship development, the lack of development in the film’s villain and what is in store for the next Marvel installment. But we are still left wondering exactly why Loki let Thor keep his hammer…

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Vlog: Top Five Unforeseen Book to Movie Twists

In which our Adaptation hosts list the plot twists that threw us for a loop in the films versus the original.


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Adaptation #55: The Not Actually Mortal Wolverine

header055In their discussion of James Mangold’s The Wolverine, Ryan and Kendyl compare the storyline to the Marvel comics, judge model-turned-actresses and anticipate what this installment (and the end credits scene) will mean for future X-Men films.

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Adaptation #44: Iron Man Suit Up!

header044While mooning over Tony Stark and admiring Pepper’s bad-assery, the hosts discuss their favorite moments of Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. Going through the various story arcs, they compare the film to Marvel canon with the help of Adaptation’s resident Iron Man expert and the 2010 Extremis mini-series.

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A True Asgardian Switch: Zachary Levi to Play Fandral in Thor 2


If anyone’s been listening to the buzz surrounding the next Marvel adaptation, Thor 2 has officially confirmed rumors that Chuck’s Zachary Levi will be replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral, one of the Asgardian adventurers fighting alongside Thor. Continue reading

This Week in Marvel: An Ant, A Fly, Guardians and Big Hero 6

Speculations have been flying about Marvel’s plan to extend their film universe and this past week a few articles have brought to light some of the things they have in store. Though most of the official announcements won’t be made until Comic-Con next week, here’s what we know so far:

First up is Guardians of the Galaxy, due to release in 2014. The Guardians are 31st century heroes that defend our galaxy against various threats. The most exciting part about this development is the potential for crossover with the Avengers. The Guardians film story line is going to lead into that of the second Avengers film due out in 2015. For those of you that stayed in the theater long enough to see the cameo in the credits of the last Avengers movie, the character Thanos will be involved in the Guardians storyline.

Another Avengers tie-in that just wrapped on a test reel is that of founding Avengers member Hank Pym. Pym is a scientist that developed a serum to make himself tiny, dubbing him Ant-Man. This project has been tabled in the past, and the test reel is just the first step in getting it back on track, however with the success that Marvel has been having this year, it’s not a surprise that they are picking it back up. Director Edgar Wright shot the reel last month, but has other projects to complete before the plans for Ant-Man can be fully realized. Maybe this will contribute to an Avengers 3 storyline…

Disney is also getting in on the Marvel action. Earlier this week, Disney confirmed that they are working on an animated film based on Big Hero 6. While the Avengers are based in America, Big Hero 6 fight for the Japanese government. There’s not too much information on this project yet, but it just goes to show that Marvel are reaching deeper into their vault of characters for inspiration.

The last bit of news is on an indie film that was recently put into motion by Alan Brewer and Steven Goldman, the Human Fly. Based on a real stunt man, the character boasts a steel skeleton and performs stunts for charity. This is not a project that Marvel will be involved in, however. And really, who can blame them? They’ve got quite enough on their plates as it is.

I have to hand it to the Marvel planning team, they really know what they’re doing. If that hadn’t been obvious before with all the credit cameos they strategically throw into the end of their movies, it is becoming even more so now that we can see the plan forming for the next three years worth of Marvel films.

What Marvel project are you most looking forward to? Leave your answers in the comments!

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Marc Webb Uses Great Power to Take on Great Responsibility With The Amazing Spider-Man; New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

ImageWith less than a week left before the July 3rd premiere of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the hype and hysteria caused by the Marvel web-slinger is being continually fueled by new sneak peeks and teaser information about the film itself. Most recently, they released two 7-minute videos of behind-the-scene footage, in which the directors and cast discuss the characters, the effects, the story, and much more!

So, where to start?

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Adaptation #10: Joss Whedon is a God… Among Men

In the 10th episode of Adaptation (hurray for double digits!), the hosts gather to discuss Joss Whedon’s The Avengers based on the Marvel comics and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows based on the 1966 cult soap opera.

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