Episode #173: There Dragons Will Be


Dorin and Kendyl were mega-impressed with Pete’s Dragon (2016), but worry that it was too intense for the kiddies.

Question of the Week: How does this movie come across for children? Does anyone else want to punch Karl Urban?

Don’t forget to check out our commentary on the 1977 film.

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Adaptation #82: Captain America and the Bromantic Soldiers

header082Starting off our summer of Marvel films, we gather together to talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Steve bros around with Sam and Natasha before confronting former bro, Bucky. While some hosts consider these the lame superheroes, others appreciate that this was a more down-to-earth hero film. They throw in a little Agents of SHIELD discussion and talk about what might become of our beloved agency in their continuing battle with Hydra.

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