Episode #151: A Flirty Pissing Contest and Zombies


Jenn, Sarah, and Kendyl discuss Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the film, the movie and the original Jane Austen novel they are descended from in this entertaining episode. They could have done without the B plot the film added, but Darcy’s leather coat, Bingley being useless, and the badass Bennet quintet more than make up for it.

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Vlog: Most Anticipated Adaptations in 2015

Kendyl lists all the films we’re finding it hard to wait to see in 2015.


Vlog: Six Worst Adapted Scripts

In which we tell you our picks for the six worst scripts written for film adaptations.


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Vlog: Seven Worst Film Adaptations (Of All Time!)

In which our Adaptation hosts present the banes of the film industry: seven of the worst film adaptations of all time! Jess may have gotten a little carried away with the ranting, though.


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Adaptation #12: AL: Vamp Hunt (dig)?

Episode #12 brings to you the host’s opinions on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter the film and comes to the conclusion that we should write all the scripts in Hollywood from now on.

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Adaptation #11: Things Disney Taught Us

In episode #11 discussion of Snow White and the Huntsman and the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter leads to talk of awkward accents, hot archers, and history lessons from fiction novels. Plus some lessons that Disney probably shouldn’t have taught us.

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