Vlog: Nine Best Parodies to Watch

In which Sarah lists the nine best parodies to watch… and two honorable mentions. What can we say, there are a lot!



Vlog: Six Worst Adapted Scripts

In which we tell you our picks for the six worst scripts written for film adaptations.


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Vlog: Seven Worst Film Adaptations (Of All Time!)

In which our Adaptation hosts present the banes of the film industry: seven of the worst film adaptations of all time! Jess may have gotten a little carried away with the ranting, though.


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Adaptation #13: M. Night, You Used Your Power Irresponsibly

In episode #13, the hosts gush over The Amazing Spider-man, verbally flog M. Knight Shyamalamadingdong’s The Last Airbender and then profess their love to the television version.

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