Episode #162: Alice Through the Ocean of Time


Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) turns the hosts to discussions of time travel, colorful characters, and what exactly qualifies as an adaptation.

Question of the Week: Does this film qualify as an adaptation? Did we really need this movie to be made? How frustrated are you with the time travel?

Don’t forget to watch Alice in Wonderland (2010) with us in our commentary!

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Commentary #14: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

comheader014Adaptation watches Alice in Wonderland (2010) along with you to prep for the sequel.

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Lawless: Franklin County Virginia, The Home of Moonshine and Nascar!

The roaring 20s they were called, a time for good music, good times and as much liquor as you could drink. That is, if you could find the booze. The 1920 Prohibition Act made it illegal to produce and transport alcohol in the United States for more than ten years. Not that many people abided by this rule; in fact many people took this law as a challenge. Not the least of these was the notorious bootleggers the Bondurant brothers of Franklin County Virginia.

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Axe Toting Tree from District 7, Who Will it Be? Catching Fire Casting Scoop #2!

Here is another casting scoop for all you Hunger Games fans: Johanna Mason. You know her; she is the axe throwing, tree costume wearing, bad ass from district 7 who teams up with Katniss and Peeta in the 75th Hunger Games. So who will play her? Well that remains to be seen, though the director has been in talks with not only well known actresses, but some undiscovered talent as well. Who are these women, you ask?

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