Lionsgate Has Chosen Its Tribute: Jena Malone Offered Part of Johanna

Last week rumors were flying about who was the front runner for the part of Johanna Mason in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Today, the suspense, about Johnna at least, is close to ending.

It has been confirmed that Jena Malone was offered the part and is now in negotiations. Although this isn’t technically a confirmation that she will be playing Johanna, my guess is that this wouldn’t have been confirmed unless Lionsgate expected smooth sailing. Especially since the part will involve a contract for not just Catching Fire but also both parts of Mockingjay.

Malone has grown up on screen (remember her as the over-dramatic Anna in Stepmom?) and has a load of accomplishments under her belt. Most recently she played Nancy in the miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, but as we are talking about the badass Johnna Mason, I feel compelled to bring up her performance in Sucker Punch. Definitely Johanna-worthy.

I’m not opposed to this casting, though I will admit I was hoping for someone a little less well known. To me, Jena has a big presence that is completely her own. That is a great thing to have in Hollywood, but for a character that fans already feel like they know, it might be a handicap. Still, if she has the acting chops that I think she does, she’ll be able to pull it off.

UPDATE (07/23): Lionsgate Officially Announces Jena Malone as Johanna.

What do you think of Jena for Johanna? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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