Axe Toting Tree from District 7, Who Will it Be? Catching Fire Casting Scoop #2!

Here is another casting scoop for all you Hunger Games fans: Johanna Mason. You know her; she is the axe throwing, tree costume wearing, bad ass from district 7 who teams up with Katniss and Peeta in the 75th Hunger Games. So who will play her? Well that remains to be seen, though the director has been in talks with not only well known actresses, but some undiscovered talent as well. Who are these women, you ask?

The first contestant is Mia Wasikowska, the wraith-like and beautiful actress from the recent adaptations of Jane Eyre, a novel by Emily Bronte and Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Carole. Though a fabulous actress, does she really seem like the Johanna type? To me, she seems a little bit too frail and feminine, but that remains to be seen. The only real action role she has been seen in was the Jabberwocky fight in Alice In Wonderland and her skills left something to be desired.

Next in line is the little known, Greek born, model Zoe Aggeliki. If anyone knows how to pronounce that last name, please be my guest. I tried and failed miserably. However, if you look at pictures of this girl you see a fierceness that Wasikowska just seems to lack. Though we don’t know what to expect from this aspiring actress yet, we will soon find out. She has landed roles in two movies set to come out later this year, among those the next installment in the Percy Jackson series.

In other news, it is also rumored that Kevin Nash, formerly of World Wrestling Entertainment, is talking producers for a possible role in the film. As of yet there is no information as to who he will play, though there is speculation that perhaps this burly man will play Brutus. It does sound ideal, the big strong tribute from district 2 who has it in for Katniss and Peeta. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

So, after all of this information, what do you guys think? Who do you want to play Johanna? Wraith-like Wasikowska or the stronger Aggeliki? Why do you think each of them would be good for the role? And who do you think Nash will play? If not Brutus, then who?

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3 thoughts on “Axe Toting Tree from District 7, Who Will it Be? Catching Fire Casting Scoop #2!

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