New Poster for Upcoming Paddington Bear Movie

The legacy of Paddington Bear began in 1958 with creator and author Michael Bond. Bond wrote the first book after he noticed a teddy bear all by itself in a store near Paddington station in London, the eventual namesake of the bear. In the story, Paddington is found in the station after traveling from ‘darkest Peru’ with a note pinned to his jacket that says, ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you.’ He is taken in by the Brown family and proceeds to have adventures around the London.

Since the creation of Paddington, he has spawned over twenty books, a television show and toy bears in his image, along with other merchandise. Now, coming in 2014 there will be a movie produced by David Heyman of Harry Potter fame.

There has been talk of the project since 2007, with Hamish McColl writing the script for the live-action film that will feature a CGI Paddington. Finally, this week we got the first look:

I’m not a big fan of combining CGI characters with a live action, but I think that David Heyman has the necessary experience in handling iconic characters to understand how to do this right. The one thing that might make fans a little nervous is that the storyline will not follow any particular story of Paddington’s, but instead try to incorporate the overall feel of the series. Occasionally, when films try to do this, they try to fit too much in and lose the audience in the process.

What do you think of the poster? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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