Episode #176: A Villainous Trap for Peculiar Children

header176The hosts discuss the film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016), whether there’s room for a sequel and if they think Miss Peregrine is actually a villain as well as the couple controversial choices the filmmakers made.

Check out our episode on the novel here!

Question(s) of the Week: What gods or mythological creatures could the children’s peculiarities be descended from? If the Hollowghast had never been created, would Jacob and his grandfather’s peculiarity have been useless or would they have a different one?

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Commentary #14: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

comheader014Adaptation watches Alice in Wonderland (2010) along with you to prep for the sequel.

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Commentary #4: Batman (1989)

comheader004This time, we’re sitting down to watch the 1989 version of Batman, talking through the fun, the dark and the slightly unbelievable.

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Other commentaries: The Lion King and The Princess Bride and Annie (1982)

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Adaptation #23: Frankenception

In episode #23, our hosts discuss James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931), Tim Burton’s short film Frankenweenie (1984) and the current feature film remake, concluding that in any form it all comes down to bad parenting and creations that just want to be loved.

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‘Frankenweenie’ Gets a New Trailer That Calls Back to Traditional Monster Movies

Disney has just released a new trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Frankenweenie, a child-like adaptation of the 1931 film Frankenstein. This trailer imitates the monster movie trailers of old:

Due to be released October 5 in the US and October 17 in the UK, the film stars the voice talents of Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short.

Click here for more details about the origins of the film and to see the other trailer.

What do you think of this new trailer?

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New Trailer for Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’

Since Mary Shelley’s novel was published in 1818, Frankenstein’s monster has been reinvented multiple times, most famously in James Whale’s 1931 film adaptation starring Boris Karloff. In 1984, however, director Tim Burton and screenwriter Leonard Ripps took the old monster movie in a new direction.

In a live-action short starring Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern and Barret Oliver entitled Frankenweenie, Burton tells the story of a young boy named Victor who tragically loses his dog to a car, but brings him back to life with lightning. You can watch the 30 minute short in full on YouTube, which if you’ve seen the 1931 version of Frankenstein is very obviously an homage. Some scenes would be deja-vu-inducing if it weren’t for the fact that the ‘monster’ is an adorable pet. This year, Burton is teaming up with screenwriter John August to make an animated remake.

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