Vlog: Best Animated Adaptations

In which Jess waxes nostalgic when talking about the best animated adaptations… and our many criteria for choosing them!

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Vlog: Lunar Chronicles Spotlight


Jenn spotlights the amazing Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer!


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Vlog: Underrepresented Mythologies

In which Kendyl lists some geographical areas that are really underrepresented in adaptations.

Vlog: Most Anticipated Adaptations of 2016

In which Jenn lists the adaptations we’re most looking forward to in 2016!

Vlog: Best Adaptations of 2015

In which Jenn lists our favorite adaptations of 2015!

Vlog: Dracula Spotlight

In which Jenn spotlights adaptations of Dracula over the years.

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Starting the Season of Scares with Origin of Horror – Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – a book review by Kendyl Bryantfrankenstein_cover

In honor of last month’s premiere of Frankenstein MD, a web series adaptation by PBS Digital and Pemberley Digital, this month I decided to read Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel for the first time. I’ve seen the film, of course, and some other adaptations of the story such as Frankenweenie (2012) and I, Frankenstein (2014) but I had it on good authority that the novel is quite different to the tale that we all know.

The premise remains the same – Victor Frankenstein, obsessed with the science of life, builds an oversized, humanoid being that he brings to life. However, the way that the story unfolds after the creation of the “monster” is a bit of a departure. Shelley’s Frankenstein is disgusted with what he has done as soon as the monster comes to life therefore abandoning the being and…

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Adaptation #94: Misfits of the Galaxy

Dorin and Kendyl sit down to talk about the film that has dominated this summer! It’s been a while since Marvel has introduced new misfits into it’s film universe and Guardians of the Galaxy has certainly held up to the hype. The only question is where are we going from here?

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