Adaptation #92: It’s Anyone’s Game of Thrones

header092Regicide, patricide and uxoricide: Game of Thrones season 4 was full of artful deaths and shocking moments, but was lacking in lingering questions. While this season felt more like setting up a chess board than a murder mystery, the hosts are still excited to see where everyone ends up and what their roles will be next season!

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Music: The Children by Ramin Djawadi from the Game of Thrones season 4 score


True Blood Season 7

-Premieres June 22

-Based on the book series by Charlaine Harris

Transformers: Age of Extinction

-June 27 (US), July 10 (UK)

-Based on the Transformers franchise

Main Discussion

Game of Thrones (Series 4)

-Created by David Benioff and DB Weiss

-Based on the book series by George RR Martin

-Covered up to season 3 on episode #81: A Game of Secret Targaryens

Listener Comments:

@Dreaded_Red (Kristen Brown) on Twitter: “I am so disappointed by the whole thing. I wish I could stop watching with “book” eyes but it is just impossible. UUUUGH”

biblio936 on Tumblr: “Ding dong, the witch is dead!  Meaning Joffrey of course.  That was my highlight; everything after that seemed almost anticlimactic, which was kinda bad since that happened at the beginning of the season—episode 2, I think?”

-Sarah: “where the hell are we going from here? We running outta books!”


-not so great on a second watch because you find out nothing matters


-senselessness (esp in killing and death)

-love is the death of duty

-what good is power when you cannot protect the ones you love

King’s Landing


-Shay gets shipped off

-The Wedding/Joffery’s death

-Tyrion is blamed by chance, but what would have happened?

-Jaime rapes Cersei

-Cersei tilts the judges in her direction

-Tyrion’s trial

-Oberyn’s story and championness

-the combat (Olsen’s story)

-the mountain is dying but is probs going to turn into a crazy zombie bc of that guy

-Cersei ‘chooses’ Jaime, Tywin and Maergery will rip Tomin apart

-Jaime frees Tyrion

-Tyrion kills Shay and Tywin (?)

-Tyrion and Varys set sail for  ?

The Vale (Sansa/Baelish/Lysa)

-Dontes gives Sansa the necklace

-her and Tyrion (at the wedding)

-gets out

-Baelish tells her he killed Joff, Lysa says they killed John

-Baelish tells Sansa she could have been his daughter and then kisses her

-Baelish kills Lysa

-Sansa lies epically, she’s been playing the game a while, this is just the first time it’s overt

-Jess: “I found it interesting how both Arya and Sansa are learning their own ways to survive and play the game, but such completely different ways!”


-gets back needle, her first real kill

-the Hound tells his story to Arya

-get to the Vale 3 days too late

-The Hound fights for Arya, she leaves him for dead

-Arya sets off for Braavos


-Hot Pie

-meet Arya and the Hound on the road, convo btwn Arya and Brienne

-Brienne kills the Hound


-taking Meereen, crucifying 163 masters

-damnit I do love ships

-actually stays to rule

-Daario/Dany get it on

-Dany changes her mind about mercy

-Tywin outs Jorah

-Dany lets slaves go back to their masters

-locks up the dragons


-Osha trys to save Theon (Stockholm Syndrome)

-Reek helps take Moat Cailin

-Ramsey is legitimated


-burning ppl alive

-Davos learns to read

-Bravos gives them money

-Melisandre admits her magic is a trick

-Shareen is coming with them, probs to be sacrificed

Jon/Sam/The Wall

-Gilly goes to Molestown

-wildings attack surrounding villages/Molestown

-pretty sure Amon essentially tells us he has an illegitimate child

-Sam is braver than Janus and the only person so far that has kept a promise not to die; “I’m not nothing anymore”

-the battle

-Jon goes to Mance, is he serious? The Thens EAT ppl, of course more will die


-I’m very uncomfortable with Melisandre being that close to Jon

Bran/Hodor/The Reeds


-white walker baby

-Hodor kills Locke

-off to see the three eyed raven

-zombie fight



-Character or story arc: Samwell FUCKING Tarly and Oberyn Martell

-Stand out performances: Peter Dinklage and Alfie Allen

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