Episode #154: What Would Peggy Carter Do?


The hosts gush once more over Agent Peggy Carter, the vibrant, loyal characters around her, and the excellent way the writers subverted our expectations this season.

Make sure you check out our episode on season 1!

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Vlog: Best Adaptations of 2015

In which Jenn lists our favorite adaptations of 2015!

Adaptation #126: Perfect Peggy and the Agents of SHIELD

header126Full up with hosts and content this week, the Adaptation team takes on the monumental task of covering season 1 of Agent Carter and season 2 of Agents of SHIELD all in one episode. They can’t think of anything to criticize about Carter and think SHIELD has finally hit it’s stride, so they’re all looking forward to the future of both shows.

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Staff Recommendations – January 2015

The Adaptation staff have started the new year off right with these recommendations for January! What have you been into this month?

Void by Rhiannon Lassiter

I have been reading through Void, which is a compilation of three novels published in the 90s. The first one is called Hex, and I’ve just finished that one. The basic premise is about a dystopia future where certain people – called Hexes – are being rounded up and exterminated because they have special abilities to control technology. It’s almost a psychic connection with the World Wide Web. Anyway, one of these is a particularly gifted Hex named Raven, and she and her brother are on a search for their younger sister, who was separated from them years ago and who may or may not have just come on the government’s radar as being a Hex herself.


Agent Carter, Tuesdays on ABC

I have to recommend Agent Carter! I didn’t really get into Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. sadly, but I knew I would love this. It’s fab, so good. She’s a fabulous powerful woman who uses the sexist norm of the 40’s against all the men. I love it. And, and, AND! Holy crap Chad Michael Murray! I did not recognize him for so long, they styled him so well, and he is suited to this part so well. So many good people in this show and I was hooked by first episode.


Fledgling by Octavia Butler

I’m reading Octavia Buterly’s Fledgling, it’s a novel about Shori genetically altered part human (African American) vampire. An attack on her human/vampire compound leaves her badly injured, without her memory and the only survivor. I read a portion of this I college and now I started from the beginning again, but this book lives in grey areas so I’m having mixed feels.


The Princess and the Queen by George R. R. Martin

A short story from the A Song of Ice and Fire universe, this story is part of an anthology called Dangerous Woman edited by George R. R. Martin. When King Viserys dies, he leaves a daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, from his first marriage and a son, Price Aegon from his second. The queen wishes her son to take the throne, but as his first born Princess Rhaenyra feels it is her birth right, resulting in a civil war between the Targaryens that results in the supposed extinction of the dragons. The story has great background information for Targaryen fans and is pretty fast-paced for Martin’s normal writing style.



Cutthroat Kitchen, Season 7 starts February 15th on the Food Network

Being a rather busy bee, I’ve been watching a lot of shows that I don’t have to focus all my attention on. Unfortunately, although I don’t have to watch every second of Cutthroat Kitchen, I always end up wanting to anyway. Hosted by Alton Brown, four chefs are eliminated in three rounds, each with its own theme, like they all have to make chili or muffins or sausage. They each start with $25,000 and every round several things are auctioned off to them that will either make it easier for the winner or harder for their opponents. For example, they can take away the privilege of using a muffin pan or be the only one allowed to use a sausage stuffer. It’s pretty entertaining to watch the chefs screw each other over and really interesting to see how they get around the obstacles.


That’s it for us this month, but be sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments!