Vlog: Favorite Adaptations of 2013

Where we list off our favorite adaptations of the year, from film to television to YouTube.


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Vlog: What Are We Watching? (December 2013)

In which Adaptation host Sarah presents the shows and movies that we are currently watching. Though with American Horror Story and The Bay topping the list, we may have the wrong holiday season in mind…


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#71: Two Sides to Every Twisted Tale

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Episode #52: Much Ado About Whedon

Adaptation #52: Much Ado About Whedon

header052Taking full advantage of another chance to moon over a Joss Whedon film, Jess and Kendyl rehash Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and reel at the depth of understanding the film presented, from the line delivery to the filming to the background action.

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For more Whedon-chat, check out our episode on Avengers Assemble. Or if you’re looking for classic lit adaptations, we have an episode on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and one on The Great Gatsby.

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New Castings for Sondheim Make a Party in the Woods

I was scrolling through Tumblr today when I came across this pretty little screenshot of the IMDB page for Stephen Sondheim and Rob Marshall’s upcoming adaptation of Into the Woods.


Yep, that’s right! The page has exploded with new castings! And I don’t even know where to start! First of all, we’re clearly seeing another star-studded cast as in Mamma Mia and Les Miserables. It’s the price we have to pay for seeing Broadway on the big screen as a Hollywood production. The real question on everyone’s minds, though: The acting talent is clearly here, but can they sing? Or are we in for another Russell “And I am Javert” Crowe fiasco?

Well, James Corden at least has already been tested on the musical stage, with a Tony under his belt. So his casting as the Baker is one less thing to worry about. And according to her IMDB page, newly cast Baker’s wife Emily Blunt was briefly featured in ex-boyfriend Michael Bublé’s song “Me and Mrs. Jones” from his album “Call Me Irresponsible”. And if her bio page can be believed, is known as a “strong alto singer”. Johnny Depp of course had his day as Sweeny Todd, but what about Chris Pine? Or Jake Gyllenhaal? As far as we know, they have never hit a musical note…at least not professionally. And I know that I can’t be the only one with slight concerns.

But you know what? I’m still hoping for a positive attitude. I can’t bear to do otherwise. Because if Disney messes up Sondheim, I think I’m going to cry. Or turn back to Bernadette Peters for some serious Broadway therapy.

Comments? Commiseration? Concerns? Comfort? Post below.

To read our previous article about Into the Woods, click here.

Note: The artwork/poster associated with this article is not the official image for Into the Woods the movie. Adaptation was given permission to use this fan-made piece by its artist, Nathan, whose work can be found on his Tumblr page.

Sondheim Returns to the Woods in a Musical Remake with Meryl Streep

IntoTheWoodsWith so many twisted fairy tales appearing on television and the big screen, Disney will be returning to one of the earliest fairy tale adaptations with a feature film version of Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical, Into the Woods. Still in the early stages of planning, Broadway World reported that Disney will be due to start filming in October. Most exciting of all, Meryl Streep has confirmed her role as the Witch in this show – one of the most bad-ass, psychologically complex characters you will find in any reimagined fairy tale! Continue reading

Adaptation #31: Vive la Revolution pour les Miserables

header031As the team discusses Tom Hooper’s film Les Miserables, we realize that our expectations were both too high and too low. Talking over the cast, the filming and the how the story was told versus the stage musical and Victor Hugo’s novel, we can only conclude that it was painfully amazing… or was that amazingly painful?

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Hollywood Goes Musical-Crazy with Adaptations of The Jersey Boys and Wicked!

As everyone has most likely heard by now, Hollywood will be trying their hands at bringing even more dearly loved musicals to the big screen.  Les Miserables, starring the talents of Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried, is due to be released in theaters in the US this coming December, and will premiere in November for you lucky UKers.

But Les Miz will not be the only musical brought to life in movie-form.  In the light of 2012 Comic-Con revelations, it has been announced that not one, but two more musical adaptations are in the works for the near future.

The first of the illustrious shows to make the leap from Broadway to Hollywood is the popular Jersey Boys, which is based on the story of the rock n’ roll group The Four Seasons.  The recipient of four Tony Awards and a Grammy, Jersey Boys is likely to be directed by Jon Favreau, known for his work on the two Iron Man films.

As for the second upcoming musical-turned-movie, Universal is currently in negotiations to acquire Stephen Daldry as director for the highly anticipated movie of Wicked.

A Wizard of Oz prequel, Wicked tells the true story behind the two witches of Oz—Elphaba the supposedly Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda (formerly known as GA-linda) the Good Witch.  With compelling twists to the old story and powerful musical numbers, it should be no surprise that this musical is among the most high-selling Broadway shows from week to week.

Now the question is, will the film be able to measure up to the hype?

My answer?  I hope so.  But they will definitely have a lot to live up to.  Since it’s premiere, Wicked has won three Tonys, six Drama Desk Awards and a Grammy, in addition to record-breaking ticket sales.

But the biggest shoes to fill, in my opinion?  Kristen Chenoweth as Glinda.  Her perfect comedic timing and unforgettable voice are always a tough act to follow for anyone.  And while casting the roles is still a ways away, I can only hope that whomever they cast as Glinda—and Elphaba—is up to the task of making the movie as magical as the musical.  Still, with the Broadway show casting such a big shadow, the Wicked movie may need Glinda’s expertise to become as popular as its Broadway component.

Love for Phantom of the Opera Never Dies…But Its Sequel Might

Apparently, love never dies…even when you’re not entirely sure how or when or what the hell happened.

This is the lesson I learned yesterday when Corey, Dorin, and I went to the one-night-only film premiere of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to his musical phenomenon The Phantom of the Opera. Like many POTO fans, I was understandably apprehensive about this continuation of the story. I mean, who doesn’t love the original ending, particularly on the stage show? When Christine and Raoul row away together and the Phantom mysteriously disappears, leaving only his white mask behind. I’ve seen the stage show twice, and it has never failed to give me goosebumps, that last shot of the illuminated Phantom mask before the spotlight dims. The air of mystery seemed so much more satisfying than any happy-ever-after could have provided. How can you follow it up? Continue reading