Adaptation #119: A Dance with Selmy

header119Just in time for the start of season 5, Kendyl and Ryan hash out the events in A Dance with Dragons and what theories they have as well as what they expect from this season of Game of Thrones. They aren’t always in agreement, so make sure you break the ties by commenting below (or on our social media pages)!

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Music by DropVox

Upcoming Adaptations

Child 44

-Apr 17 (US and UK)

-Based on the novel by Tom Rob Smith

Main Discussion

 A Dance with Dragons

-Book 4 in A Song of Ice and Fire

-by George RR Martin

-published in 2011

The Wall

-what do think of Jon’s decisions? He takes a lot of risks, but many pay off

-the iron bank?

-is Jon dead or will Melisandre bring him back?

Bran/Children of the forest

-Bran learns to see, sees father and Lyana, speaks to Theon

-What are they going to do with him this season? Most of this already happened.

The North

-It’s a trap!


-reunites with Asha… at least we get one family reunion?




-negotiates peace

-Brienne is not dead… but this is a trap, right?

King’s Landing

-walk of shame

-Qyburn zombified Clegane: Sir Robert Strong- clever?

-Kevin’s really not so bad

-but then Varys.

Free Cities

-Is this really Aegon? Is Tyrion right to send him to Westeros?

-What would Dany do with Tyrion?


-warging ability goes when she loses her sight, kinda like Bran?

Slaver’s Bay

-did she loose her way? Or did she have an obligation to Meereen?

-Hizdahr’s going to die anyway, right?

-Why is Barristan so fucking cool?


-that’s not the Mountain’s head, be real

-the sand snakes! One on the small council?

Game of Thrones on HBO (2011)

-Created by David Benioff and DB Weiss

-Season 5 starts April 12

-It will cover A Feast for Crows (covered on episode #104) and A Dance with Dragons

Next episode: Insurgent (2015)
Previous episode: The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex

1 thought on “Adaptation #119: A Dance with Selmy

  1. To answer your question about the word that Brienne spoke after being placed in the noose, George stated later that it was “sword”, which many believe reflects her decision to go find Jamie.


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