Adaptation #104: A Feast of Trust Issues

header104In our first book-only Game of Thrones discussion, the hosts cover A Feast for Crows by George RR Martin in order to prep themselves for season 5. They take (too much?) pleasure in the downfall of some, hope against hope that some are still living and make predictions for the future of the series and the television show.

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Music by DropVox


Big Hero 6

-Nov 7 (US), Jan 30 (UK)

-Based on the Marvel Comics

Main Discussion

A Feast For Crows

-by George RR Martin

-published in 2005

-4th in the Song of Ice and Fire series

Game of Thrones (2011) on HBO

-created by David Benioff and DB Weiss

-season 5 will most likely start in early April

-will cover this book and Dance with Dragons which we will cover early next year


format: so many chapters not names with characters names but descriptions: The Prophet, The Drowned Man, The Captain of
the Guards, The Kraken’s Daughter, The Soiled Knight, The Queenmaker etc.
-any idea why? this didn’t happen in previous books that I remember

King’s Landing (Cersei and Margaery)
-Cersei’s downward spiral: can we really blame her for being paranoid?
-the prophecy: do we believe that it will come to pass (is it real)? is her interpretation accurate (notably that Valonquar is Tyrion)?
-backfiring plot against Margaery
-the Faith Militant: is this going to cause future problems?

Riverlands (Jaime)
-decided not to come to Cersei’s aid: were you surprised? character growth?

(Brienne, Podrick, Ser Hyle)
-what do you think of Ser Hyle? is he as trust-worthy as he claims?
-I can’t remember who that guy she killed was…
-Brotherhood/Lady Stoneheart: was she too unwilling to listen? what did Brienne scream when she was hung (and are we sure she’s gone?)

The Vale (Sansa, Robert, Balish)
-I’m kinda on board with killing Robert
-Balish betroths Sansa to Rob’s heir: does he have plans to kill Harrold too? Sansa + power is the goal here?

Iron Islands (Asha, Euron, Victarion, Aeron)
-Kingsmoot: did anyone else have a hard time caring?
-Euron and dragons… do we really think he can control them?
-Victarion goes to woo Dany: good plan?

Dorne (Doran, Arienne, Arys, Myrcella)
-what do we think of Doran? we’re in his head at the beginning and he seems okay, but going forward, Arienne really dislikes him
-Arienne and Arys: was stealing Myrcella a good plan? I was a little surprised Arienne was genuine
-Quentyn is in the east… have we already met him?
-this whole storyline was just one huge mislead it seems…

Bravvos (Arya)
-the House of Black and White: is it possible for her to do this and keep her identity (needle)? Does the identity loss make you
-Meeting Sam is almost akin to the show having her meet Brienne for me
-killing Dareon, blindness: next step in her training?

(Sam, Gilly, Aemon)
-this journey/character growth reminds me of Wilding!Jon
-the baby-switch: is Gilly’s baby safe?
-Aemon finds out about the dragons: if it were possible, would Dany accept him? Will she accept Marwyn? Does the prophecy give us more faith in Dany?

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