Adaptation #118: The True Meaning of Gratuity

header118Dorin and Kendyl sit down to talk about Adam Rex’s novel The True Meaning of Smekday. Funny, sweet and surprising, this is another one that we love discussing, especially since we forgot that we didn’t actually live through these events ourselves.

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Music by DropVox

Upcoming Adaptations

The Longest Ride

-Apr 10 (US and UK)

-Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks

Main Discussion

The True Meaning of Smekday

-by Adam Rex

-published in 2007

Shout Outs

Adam Rex ‏(@MrAdamRex on Twitter): “@AdaptationCast It’s a little overwritten.”

Hock Films ‏(@HockFilms on Twitter): “@AdaptationCast @MrAdamRex My 15 y o son has read it cover to cover 10 x. Me not quite so many but >1. We are so afraid about the film.”

Adam Rex ‏(@MrAdamRex on Twitter): “@HockFilms @AdaptationCast Embrace the idea that you will be talking about all the differences between book and film on the car ride home.”

gina fischer ‏(@ginafish54 on Twitter): “@AdaptationCast @MrAdamRex A wonderful book. Funny, clever, and, in many ways, very sweet. One of my top 5 favorite books in the world.

Adam Rex ‏(@MrAdamRex on Twitter): “@ginafish54 @AdaptationCast Wow.”

Home (2015)

-Written by Tom J Astle and Matt Ember

-Directed by Tim Johnson

-Starring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez

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