Vlog: Nine Best Adapted Scripts

In which we set a record for list length and tell you about the nine screen adaptations that had awesome scripts.


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Adaptation #30: Do Bananas Float?

header030Jess, Jenn and Kendyl think that Ang Lee did adaptation right in this episode focused on his film Life of Pi. They also discuss the film’s visual and spiritual aspects and do some more wondering about the truth behind Pi’s story.

Also, check out our discussion of the book by Yann Martel in episode #20: Pi of the Tiger!

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Adaptation #20: Pi of the Tiger

In episode #20, Jess and Jenn discuss Yann Martel’s novel Life of Pi, debate whether Pi’s story is actually true and make predictions for how Ang Lee will translate it to film.

Also check out the episode on the film!

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Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’ Trailer Released

Life of Pi, a novel by Yann Martel published in 2001, tells the story of a boy who survives a massive shipwreck and travels around on a small boat with the only other living survivor, a Bengal tiger. The film version, directed by Ang Lee, just released it’s first trailer.

To be released November 21st in the US and December 21st in the UK, the film stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Kahn and Tobey Maguire. According to IMDB Maguire is cast as author Yann Martel, so it will be interesting to see how screenwriter David Magee works him in.

Does the trailer make you want to see the film? Or perhaps read the book?

Adaptation will be covering the book and film in upcoming episodes, so stayed tuned!