Episode #225: Exhale, Simon

Jenn and Kendyl are back to talk about the film Love, Simon (2018), which took a few liberties from the book that Kendyl (and Jess, in absentia) is not happy about. But Jenn brings the non-reader perspective to even things out.

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Episode #205: A Time for Everything, Everything

The hosts talk Everything, Everything (2017): the astronaut, the texting, and the Rapunzel parallels, as well as revisiting the unknowns about Maddie’s mom.

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Episode #150: We Are the 5th Wave


The Adaptation hosts aren’t in total agreement about the film The 5th Wave (2016); some enjoyed the film and others didn’t, but one thing that they do agree on is flannel and beards are in.

Check out our episode on the novel by Rick Yancey!

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