Episode #225: Exhale, Simon

Jenn and Kendyl are back to talk about the film Love, Simon (2018), which took a few liberties from the book that Kendyl (and Jess, in absentia) is not happy about. But Jenn brings the non-reader perspective to even things out.

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Episode #161: Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot-Girl


Girls run the Supergirl world and we love it! We discuss the great female-centric relationships, the comic villains, and where Supergirl fits in the DC television universe.

Question of the Week: What are your hopes and concerns for the move to the CW?

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Adaptation #128: The Causal Flarrow of Time

header128Once again fitting two seasons into an episode, Jess and Jenn discuss season 1 of The Flash and season 4 of Arrow. Time travel, secret identities and character relationships all give the twins some feelings that may or may not be shared by the fandom at large. Listen and let us know how you felt about DC’s foray into crossover television!

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