Episode #294: The Cheese Is Thick with This One

In this episode, the Adaptation hosts break down their issues with Artemis Fowl (2020)…and there are many.

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Episode #282: But I Believe Elsa Can Save the World

It might not technically be an adaptation, but the hosts couldn’t resist talking about Frozen II (2019): the emotional new songs, cute new sidekicks, and Kristoff’s Best Boyfriend award.

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Episode #213: Mustache on the Orient Express

Adaptation covers Murder on the Orient Express (2017), with all it’s epic facial hair, increased drama, and intensified moral arcs.

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Episode #191: There’s Something There That Wasn’t There Before

The Adaptation hosts just can’t stop gabbing about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast (2017). Despite their previous doubts, they’re pretty happy with the extra backstories, songs, and details from the original fairytale.

Watch the 1991 animated film along with us in our commentary.

Question(s) of the Week: How did you feel about the balance of backstories between the Beast and Belle? Would you have liked more from one, the other, or both?

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Episode #186: A Dog’s Fluffy Purpose


In this episode, Dorin and Kendyl have watched A Dog’s Purpose (2017) and discuss how the different lives fit together, the ending, and how it differs from the book.

Listen to our episode on the book by W. Bruce Cameron.

Question(s) of the Week: Did you think the different lives felt disjointed? If so, how could it have been done better?

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Adaptation #70: What Frozen Things Do In Summer

header070The hosts think that even ‘loosely adapted’ is being a little too generous with Frozen, Disney’s version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. But they are able to find a few elements of similarity as well as a multitude of reasons to love the film, including the sister-driven plot, the love story red herring and of course, the reindeer duet.

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For similar adaptations, check out our episodes on Epic, Once Upon a Time, Snow White, Emma and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

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