Episode #213: Mustache on the Orient Express

Adaptation covers Murder on the Orient Express (2017), with all it’s epic facial hair, increased drama, and intensified moral arcs.

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Episode #202: Reach Out and Touch Faith

The hosts have a lot of laughs discussing the Starz series American Gods: serious ships (Djinn/Salim 5eva), favorite moments (carnivorous body parts anyone?) and who has tiger balls (hint: it’s one of the hosts).

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Episode #189: Papa Logan’s School for Pugnacious Punks

This time, the hosts discuss the first comic book movie of the year, Logan (2017), the major character deaths, and one of them gets a little obsessed with imagining her own future for the series.

Question(s) of the Week: What would Logan name his school for gifted youngsters? Who would you cast at these kids in the future? What mutants would you like to see join the film series?

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