GeekyCon 2015 Live Tweet – Part 3 of 3

In order and with commentary for your reading pleasure, I present part 3 of 3 of my GeekyCon 2015 livetweet!

If you were following my livetweet…live, then you might have had a few moments of confusion as some tweets posted out of order, and a couple not at all. Blame the internet. Blame how many tweets per minute I was sending. Blame the Geeky Gods.

And prepare for some pretty awful typos.

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Saturday, August 1

Sunday, August 2

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geekycon 2015

Saturday, August 1

Your Fave is Problematic

Mod: Leah Cornish Panel: Melissa Anelli, Zach Luye, Tessa Netting, Kim Rhodes and Mike Rugnetta

I remember that he also said that he didn’t feel it was his place to speak about certain issues, being that he doesn’t have the personal experience to back it up. Kim addresses this later.

She admitted that she has gotten phone calls telling her she needs to be more positive in how she talks about Supernatural when she has spoke out, so now she weighs the importance against the possibility of job trouble.

The emphases here was definitely on “if you know what you’re talking about.” She said that if she doesn’t have enough knowledge on a subject, it’s better to let others have the conversation.

She admitted that she has a really hard time not speaking out about negative things, and had to learn to have those conversations with people off of social media so she didn’t say something she’d regret.

She said that she understands that people have to die on Supernatural to create emotion in the main cast, but she has a problem when a character is killed off like a dog, as she feels this past season’s death was.

I also typed it out awkwardly. Melissa hasn’t expanded on tumblr yet, probably because she’s in a post-GeekyCon coma, but let me try to explain what she said.

She basically was talking about how the world of Game of Thrones contains a lot of misogyny and because that is part of the story that George RR Martin is telling, some of the things that the show keeps do serve in the storytelling. However, she said that they seem to be keeping in and adding things to the show that don’t actually serve the story and are making the show itself misogynistic, not just the world of Game of Thrones.

I heard Tessa’s online personality referred to by someone as an unironic fangirl and I love that (just fyi).

The implication being that if we talk about it more and people see that including diverse casts and the like will not cause an apocalypse, the industry might start doing it.

I don’t think they told her this specifically about Wayward Daughters, but her agent tried to get her an audition for something else. But because they said she’s outside their age demographic (she’s 47) she assumed that she won’t be able to lead Wayward Daughters.

Sarah was my roommate for the week. It felt too weird to refer to her as “someone” or “audience member” but now I realize it seemed like I expected you to know who she is.

Though I think that first tweet makes it sound like she’s saying you should make it about you, that’s not really what she said. She meant that you can still say something is wrong (like the bullying and lack of protection for trans youth) even if you aren’t part of the demographic. That’s when she started getting choked up, saying that it hurts her heart to hear about trans kids committing suicide and that is something that she can speak to.

Severus Snape and the Deathly Fedora

Mod: Brad Ausrotas

He said it proves that he’s not a sociopath and thus gives him less of an excuse for being so awful to Harry, Neville, etc.

It is our choices, Harry.

“That” being joining the Death Eaters and creating spells like Sectumsepra.

It was a smattering, but I really enjoyed this panel and it deserved a bigger applause.

Solid, Liquid, Gas: How a Story Moves from One State to Another (Lit Track)

Mod: Robin Wasserman Panel: Holly Black, Bernie Su, Ransom Riggs, James Moran, and Jeffrey Cranor

Dropping the Geeky Mic (Full Time Geek Track)

Mod: Mike Rugnetta Panel: Cecil Baldwin, Jeffrey Cranor, Dylan Marron, Anthony Rapp, Zach Luye, and Paul DeGeorge

Big Damn (Anti)Heroes

Mods: Dani Palmer and Natalia Sluzky

There was a lot of talk about cutting the Slytherins slack for not staying to fight because they would be fighting their families. Also, they had no reason to believe (not knowing Harry’s plan) that the fight was winable. They would have thought they were staying to die.

Possibly she wanted out previous to this, but couldn’t do anything about it until now.

This was a really intense part of the discussion that was pretty mind bending. Basically, what holds more weight: the intent or the outcome of a characters actions?

They were saying that the show doesn’t put as much weight on Snow’s struggle, it was easier for her to recover, and for us to forgive. But Regina’s fight to be good has been extremely long. And as far as free will, Snow is portrayed as choosing to do something bad, whereas Regina is portrayed having less control of her actions.

That “whew” didn’t come close to explaining how I felt after this. It was a really intense and mentally exhausting to be a part of this conversation. But in a great way.

Dothraki 201: Creating Languages with David Peterson (GeekyU Track)

He had a hard time getting his Mac to work with the screen so that he had his presentation. It was unfortunate because it ate up time, but he was really funny in the mean time.

PUTTING. The Dothraki use a version of the Valyrian word for book. He also explained how the word “kahleesi” came about. Khal is obvious, but the it used to be two words. Khal + the word for lady, but the sounds and words got smashed together after multiple evolutions creating “khaleesi.”

I put them in order here though. And sorry that I didn’t tweet a lot here. It was really interesting, but also kinda of techical at times and didn’t translate well to 140 characters. Plus, we had less time because of the technical difficulties at the beginning.

Family Feud! (Lit Track)

Mod: Maureen Johnson

The Bardugo Family (from Espain): Mother Bardugo (Leigh), Brother Bardugo (Jason Reynolds), Uncle Bardugo (Ransom Riggs), Granny Bardugo (Stephanie Perkins), and Cousin Bardugo (Megan Morrison)

The United Colors of Jenny Han: Mom (Jenny Han), 3 year-old twin daughters Amelia and Bedelia (Marie Lu and Tahereh Mafi), 2 year-old son (Adam Silvera), and 15 year-old angry step-daughter (Sabaa Tahir) I tried to take a better picture, but I was just too far away.

I Was a Teenage Writer (Lit Track)

Mod: Leigh Bardugo Panel: Holly Black, Jenny Han, Marie Lu, Jason Reynolds, Megan Morrison, Ransom Riggs, Adam Silvera, Veronica Roth, and Sabaa Tahir

The Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball

We danced our FACES off, which is why we have that lovely sheen.

Sunday, August 2

Closing Ceremonies

Possibly my favorite thing that happened. He was talking about how everyone at GeekyCon is so supportive of our the things we love, but in the real world often people say “you like that?”

And then I just preceded to retweet things while sitting at the airport.

GeekyCon was an absolute blast and I’m so glad to have been there this year. I had thought that I’d try a different Con next year, but it’s hard to imagine anything measuring up to this experience.

Stay tuned for the vlog that I’ve yet to out together that I filmed at GeekyCon and please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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