GeekyCon 2015 Live Tweet – Part 2 of 3

In order and with commentary for your reading pleasure, I present part 2 of 3 of my GeekyCon 2015 livetweet!

If you were following my livetweet…live, then you might have had a few moments of confusion as some tweets posted out of order, and a couple not at all. Blame the internet. Blame how many tweets per minute I was sending. Blame the Geeky Gods.

And prepare for some pretty awful typos.

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Friday, July 31

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geekycon 2015

Friday, July 31

Seriously, Twitter was not about posting the photos that I told it to. There was supposed to be one here.

Gilmore Guys: The Men of Gilmore Girls

Mod: Ayana Grady

Seriously, I thought everyone realized how abusive Dean was. Like, we saw how he treated Lindsay and…I could have a whole rant (and did with my roommate the night before). I really liked Dean when I was a teen watching the show, but now that I’m in my late 20s, I realize how many red flags Dean had.

That’s because it wasn’t love, it was obsession. Okay, I’m done.

The opposite of bailing on things that is. Which is how we know that he’s changed when he shows up again.

In particular, let ME love you.

True, but also, I think Chris is a mix of Dean and Logan, which are the worst of the guys. He’s definitely is a little obsessed with Lorelei, just like Dean is with Rory, but he has the blue blood bad boy thing going on like Logan.

ZACH! Zach is my favorite, I think. How can you not like Zach?

See, now we’re doing the same pedestal thing that Dean does. Rory is flawed just like anyone.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with this one. I wanted to talk and discuss and argue about things, but it was much more presentation than discussion.

That Old Story (Lit Track)

Mod: Stephanie Perkins

Panel: Ransom Riggs, Holly Black, Tahereh Mafi, and Megan Morrison

There is a tweet missing here. I know it was something Holly Black said, and I’m going to go from memory here, but it was about how writing is an ongoing conversation, where you sometimes take a story or concept that has already been written about and use your perspective to give it new meaning.

I remember Holly asking if in writing fanfic people did try to copy the original author’s style and Megan saying that she did. But Holly thought that what she’d been exposed to had it’s own style. I think they ended up agreeing that you eventually develop your own style.

There must be a tweet missing here too because this progression doesn’t make sense. But I believe the following was in response to a question about whether they found characters or plot more challenging. I remember Ransom saying that some writers are better with plot and some are better with characters.

Ransom said to attack the page, Holly said let yourself adjust (like going swimming in cold water) and Megan said the only way out of the overly critical place is to write.

I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends (Lit Track)

Mod: Robin Wasserman

Panel: Megan Morrison, Marie Lu, Cynthia Leitich Smith and Courtney Summers

I think this might have been my favorite panel and I have since bought books by 3 of the 4 panelists just based on what they said in it.

Oh, my. That was an unfortunate typo. A HUMAN trait. We are all unlikeable sometimes and to some people.

Delevingne. I actually got quite close there considering I had no clue how to spell her name.

But I think Marie was referring to this interview, which I just watched and totally agree with her take on it. There was no reason for them to call Cara out for anything and I’m little scared that she’s going to be the new Kristin Stewart, where people hate on female actors for not being constantly full of pep. See below tweet.

This question, more specifically, was about whether YA authors feel pressure to write more role-modely characters because of their audience.

This led into a discussion about how the best way to get readers to hate a character is to have them kill an animal, which is so true. The panelists agreed that you can’t bring a character back from that.

She expanded on this a little talking about how readers often make excuses for the male characters, blaming their background or saying they aren’t really like “that,” whereas female characters often don’t get afforded that luxury.

This was really interesting. Han does good things, but for selfish reasons, whereas Leia can be spoiled, but has a very noble mission. Yet we love Han and often dismiss Leia.

Which makes sense. Unlikable with inner explanatory dialogue is going to get you more interested in a character. When all you see is the actions, it’s easier to simply hate them.


Well, that was repetitive and redundant.

To expand a bit, shet alked about how she didn’t like Superman because he was overly good (like the question referred to), but she changed her mind about him in this one story where he was upset and (intentionally?) heated up a door knob to burn his teachers hand. Marie said that’s when she realized that he wasn’t super-humanly good.

That was meant to be a question. Does it do the same for female characters? And the answer is mostly no but more often now than before.

Power in the Powerless: Human Sidekicks in Supernatural Worlds

Mods: Amanda McAllister and Summer Barbeau

ABOUT, not shouting. Damnnit, auto correct!

There was of course talk about Xander’s end of season 6 moment and also about him being a demon magnet, and how that tends to also be a characteristic of the powerless character.

Unfortunately, I thought there would be a little bit more in-depth talk about characters other than Xander and Stiles, so I didn’t think I’d be so out of the loop. The audience (see following tweets) brings up a bunch, but it didn’t really turn into a discussion as much as a list.

Kyle from Roswell was my addition, but the mods hadn’t seen Roswell 😦

Sokka was (in my opinion) the greatest example of this next to Xander. He fits the trope perfectly.

Binge Culture

Mod: Annie Liu

Panel: Mark Ohiro, Tessa Netting, Joey Richter, and Ty Simpkins

This was a pretty funny story. Apparently, Brian hadn’t seen the last season or two, but Joey had. They binge watched it together and when the series ended they were just sitting there crying.

There was talk of baby sloth videos, Kid Nation, and old Nickelodean shows. The crowd lost it when Ty asked if we knew of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

“Like this” refers to being released by streaming services all at once.

Sorry there weren’t a lot of tweets for that one. I was really entertaining, but it didn’t get too in-depth. The panel really just talked about what and how they binge.

This was meant to be a workshop for creating your podcast, but most of the people there were just fans of podcasts. The Mod was really cool and we talked a bit afterwards. She runs the podcast Nerd Salsa and had some great tips!

Also met Ginger from The Pickwick Chronicles, a podcast adaptation of Little Women!

A Little Town Called Night Vale

Mod: Maureen Johnson

Panel: Jeffrey Cranor, Cecil Baldwin, and Dylan Marron

I should clarify that Jeffery was originally meant to be Carlos, but he said that as a straight, white guy and he felt like he should not be playing a queer latino character.

At another panel Jeffery was on, he said that this change took place towards the very beginning of the podcast, not at the live show. I was confused, I guess. He said that the show did not want to be limiting or discouraging to its audience and “ladies and gentlemen” disregards anyone who doesn’t fit in those categories.

LEARNING ABOUT COSPLAY. Sorry for all these typos.

He went on to talk about how cool it was to have all these different interpretations of Cecil, being struck by the fans imaginations.

I believe he said that it was on the tour when they were in Texas? Or some other conservative area and that he could see the girl’s parents standing off to the side, obviously not liking what they’d seen in the live show. And when the girl said “thank you” he said he’d never heard the words said like that before, with so much meaning. He had a hard time finding a way to describe it.

I’m crying just remembering him tell this story.

Jeffrey said that originally, they thought they’d just write a longer episode, writing just as they normally would, but when they saw Cecil perform it, they realized there was a different energy that needs to go into live shows.

This is a really simplistic break down of what he said, but I believe he described it as having a conversation with the community around you.

DIDN’T  *sigh*

Basically, he says that he gets to decide how to deliver the lines he’s given, and will infuse his own meaning into them. He described the first time that Cecil meets Carlos as himself just thinking how he would act if he met a good-looking scientist.

He got REALLY excited about this, guys. He is all about getting to make the sound effects himself if he can.

The Lounge

with Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman, and Lee Bardugo

Surprise guests: Holly Black, Jon O’Brien, and two Geeky Staffers (so sorry I don’t know their names!)

whew. that’s a bad typo. “we all know THAT is a sign of productivity.” She really did hide under the table though. For a while. Probably took a nap.

This happened because of an ad Maureen found for Toby Keith’s I ❤ This Bar, which said they served beer in mason jars, had whiskey girls and would give a free appetizer if you mentioned the add but NO NACHO.

If you don’t know, Dick’s Last Resort is the place where the waiters insult you.

This came about because MAureen was confused about why, if Toby Keith’s serves beer in mason jars, there was a picture of a red solo cup in the ad. An audience member clarified that he had a song called “Red Solo Cup” and Lee thought she could be a song writer if that’s a hit.

Confession: I had to ask my roommate who Jon is…and when she told me I realized that I met him a few years ago at a book launch in London. Sorry Jonny! In fairness, that was the night I had my first (few) gin martini.

GeekyCon Concert

This is probably as close as I’ll ever get. But just imagine Steph singing “I’ll Be There” to Remus, reeling him in, when Matt breaks in, singing “Hey, Remus” and stealing his attention. Magic.

I seriously almost started crying right there.

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