GeekyCon 2015 Live Tweet – Part 1 of 3

In order and with commentary for your reading pleasure, I present part 1 of 3 of my GeekyCon 2015 livetweet!

If you were following my livetweet…live, then you might have had a few moments of confusion as some tweets posted out of order, and a couple not at all. Blame the internet. Blame how many tweets per minute I was sending. Blame the Geeky Gods.

And prepare for some pretty awful typos.

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Wednesday, July 29

Thursday, July 30

Part 2: Friday, July 31 >Part 3: Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2 >>

geekycon 2015

Wednesday, July 29

This is a terrible picture, but yes, that is the Night’s Watch pledge on the screen and all of your lovely Geeky Volunteers took it, pledging to watch over you and your Con experience.

This article guys. Read it. If you’ve been to Leaky/Geeky, if you’re considering going, if you love fandom but hate the dark corners of the internet, it will make you cry.

I have since come up with a well-thought out rant about how some people look down on others who take pictures of their food, but then all they talk about when they get together is what recipes and restaurants they like. Instagraming your food is just starting that conversation in real time!

Okay, sorry. Not what this is about.

Open at the Close – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I wasn’t kidding. I had a full-on, missing London, feeling sorry for myself break down looking at all this replicana.

Like, the Hogwarts Castle ride could possibly have happened, but there’s no way in wizard hell that the Gringott’s one could be jammed into canon, and that’s sad to me. It was as awesome ride, don’t get me wrong, but the story bit just wasn’t what I wished.

I think this tweet, that was retweeted by @GeekyCon and is still getting retweets, might be my crowning glory of the Con…probably not.

See? I’m still having a breakdown. Standing in line in a not-quite-right replica of King’s Cross was actually making me cry tears.

Was that just me?

This was meant to have a picture with it…but I suppose you know what liquid in plastic cups looks like.

Man, this also had a picture. Twitter, what are you doing to me?

This was a hidden gem! It didn’t seem like many people stopped to see it, but they told the Tale of the Three Brothers with marionette/puppet things (sorry, not up on my terminology), and it was GORGEOUS.

I think I have a picture of that dragon from every possible angle. It was just so cool hot I couldn’t stop!

Thursday, July 30

Which is hard to read here, but says “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mad man in possession of a blue box must be in want of a companion.” I recommend that everyone own one.

Guess who got a pin? No one. I was so nervous talking to people that I completely forgot. Get in touch if you are in the vlog and I’ll send you one.

Me? Trying to start VidCon vs. GeekyCon shit? Never.

Volunteer Meetup

Mods: Andrew Hanson, Olivia Dolphin, Hannah Panek

What Are You Reading?

Mod: Jenna Tackett

Where Is My Black Widow Movie?

Mod: Alex Alarie-Leca

This was possibly my favorite idea that came from this panel, even though I don’t even know this part of the comics and doubt that ScarJo would do a TV show. But in my imagination, it’s so freaking awesome.

Another point I hadn’t considered. But with the uproar about AoU throwing in that Thor bit, I’m considering saying yes.

That was a terrible way to say that. Non-complex? Better. This came from someone arguing that Marvel doesn’t have the rights for some of the bigger female and POC characters from the comic universe. But as the above says, this is not an excuse.

“too many.” Ugh.

This also included them meeting for tea/coffee/brunch before going to kick ass together.

Opening Ceremonies

This retweet is way out of context, but it’s something that Melissa and the…deputy Mayor? (I can’t remember who that woman was) said about GeekyCon when she announced that July 31 was officially Geek Day.

Disney Singalong

with Tessa Netting, Dominic Barnes, Titus Makin, Curt Mega, Jon Cozart, Jackie Emerson, and Maxwell Glick

I then returned to my hotel room where I was meant to have a quick nap and get ready for the concert….By the next tweet, you may discern that I never made it. Sleep is too nice and roommate conversations that last all night are too special.

Part 2: Friday, July 31 >Part 3: Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2 >>
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