Trailer Talk: Insurgent

Here is the trailer for the second installment of the Divergent series Insurgent.

I admit, it has been a good while since I read the book. I read it before the first movie came out. This trailer does seem to stay true to the story, though I am missing the recklessness behavior that Tris displays throughout the second book. It is only the first trailer though, I am sure there will be another. I also don’t recall the dream that she seems to be having about saving her mother from a burning house.

I think what I am looking forward to seeing the most is how Tris reacts to the fear serum. I remember the scene being fairly dramatic and as well as shocking since it actually works on Tris. Though, I am not looking as forward to seeing Tris’s character devolve after her parent’s death. I find that in most YA fiction, the heroine is not always likable. For example, I cannot stand the heroine from The Mortal Instruments series, Clary. Half of the time she is being a complete idiot and the other she is whining about how hard everything is. I just want to smack her. I got a small tickle of that feeling for Tris in this book. I realize that she feels guilty for the death of her parents and doesn’t know how to cope with the pain, but she becomes so selfish at some points that I just can’t stand it.

I am also really eager to see into the world of the factionless. And we get to meet a certain leader who becomes very significant to one of the main characters. I really want to see that dynamic on screen and see how they handle it.

What about you guys? What are you looking forward to seeing? What are you hoping they leave out? Leave your comments below.

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