Adaptation #96: The Giver of Mental Breakdowns

header096After being extremely apprehensive about the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver, the hosts are surprised to find that despite popular opinion, they rather liked it. They discuss the focus on emotional depth and the gorgeous visuals as pros for this film, but as usual, can’t help but pick out the differences that go on their “con” list.

Be sure to check out our episode on the novel here.

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Music: I Lived by OneRepublic


Haven Season 5 (Part 1)

-Premieres Sep 11

-Based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

This is Where I Leave You

-Sep 19 (US), Sep 26 (UK)

-Based on the novel by Jonathan Tropper

The Maze Runner

-Sep 19 (US), Oct 10 (UK)

-Based on the novel by James Dashner

Main Discussion

The Giver (2014)

-Screenplay by Michael Mitnick and Robert B Weide

-Directed by Phillip Noyce

-Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites(Prince Philip), Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, and Taylor Swift

-Based on the book by Lois Lowry

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Previous episode: If I Stay (novel by Gayle Forman and movie)

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