Happy Halloween!

Here area  few Adaptation episodes for the occasion!

#61: Rest In Peace, Deados on R.I.P.D the film and comic

#60: Carrie Can’t Control the Crazy on Carrie by Stephen King

#50: World War Zombie Apocalypse on the World War Z film

#47: World War Z Lies and Propaganda on Max Brooks’ novel

#43: The Evil Dead Are Coming For Our Souls on the film remake

#37: Hansel and Gretel, So Hot Right Now on the film H+G: Witch Hunters

#23: Frankinception on the films Frankenweenie and Frankenstein

#21: Don’t Stand Under the Umbrella on Resident Evil: Retribution

#12: AL: Vamp Hunt (dig)? on the film Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

#11: Things Disney Taught Us on the novel Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

#10: Joss Whedon is a God… Among Men on Dark Shadows the film and TV series

#4: Where We Feel Worse When Animals Die on the film The Woman in Black

#3: Heavy, Light, Scary on the novel The Woman in Black

Or if you’re more into falling in love with magical beings:

#58: City of Inconsequence on City of Bones the film

#54: TMI and Incestuous Canoodling on City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

#36: What Beautiful Creatures These Mortals Be on the Beautiful Creatures film

#35: I Am a Zombie Pregnant with Importance on the film Warm Bodies

#33: Beautiful Outcasters on the Beautiful Creatures novel

#32: Hot Blood, Warm Bodies on the novel by Isaac Marion

#25: Vampires Taste Like Freeze Dried Chicken on the film Breaking Dawn Part II


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