Staff Recommendations – February 2015

The Adaptation staff have spent their February with these lovely characters. How about you?

The World of Ice & Fire by George RR Martin

I’ve heard a lot of people say that there isn’t a lot of information in The World of Ice & Fire that you can’t get from the books, but despite the fact that there is a lot that we already knew, the book was worth buying for the extra information you do get, the excellent art work and the ability to have all the bits and pieces of this complex world all in one place. You could definitely just use it as a reference guide, but I sat down and read it cover to cover, not putting it down for days.


The Librarians, season 2 starting later this year on TNT

The Librarians started out as a series of TV movies, 10 years ago on TNT, about a “professional student” Flynn (played by Noah Wyle), who is hired as a librarian. The library is full of magical artifacts much too dangerous to be out in the world, and the librarian (there is only one) is the only person who can seek out and secure them. Since then they have made novelizations, comic books, and most recently a TV series that changes the game.

In the new series, the librarian (still Noah Wyle) finds that other librarian candidates who were not hired, are being hunted. He and his Guardian, Eve (played by Rebecca Romijn) go round up a three of the last candidates, played by Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Kim. In the process the library is infiltrated and lost which sets the series off where Flynn decides to change the rules and have more librarians to fight the small magical disruptions, while he himself finds a way to recover the library. He leaves the new librarians in Eve’s capable hands and with the Library Annex and its caretaker, Jenkins (played by John Laroquette) only to appear when real danger is near. The whole franchise is a wonderful roller coaster ride.


Roswell, ended after 3 seasons

I’ve recently been rewatching Roswell, which is the epitome of 90s teen supernatural romantic dramas. The story focuses on a group of teens in Roswell, New Mexico a touristy town that plays on the 1947 UFO “crash” by having alien themed restaurants and a UFO museum. The series kicks off with a shooting in the local Crashdown Cafe that almost kills LizĀ  Parker, until she is saved by secret teenage alien Max Evans. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell and tons of fun to watch. In fact, we’ve even created a drinking game.

1) Drink every time someone moodily (read: creepily) looks at someone else through a window.

2) Drink every time the weather symbolizes someone’s emotions.

3) Drink every time an alien and a human have to talk about how they can’t be together because they are just. too. different.

So you over-21s, drink up! And you under 21s? Just get some friends together and have a blast watching, laughing and eventually getting way too emotionally involved with these characters. By season 2, you’ll be crying when they cry.


That’s it for us this month, but be sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments!