Superman in Chainmail!?

The newest image of Superman released for Comic Con has done a good job of drumming up some excitement for Zack Snyder’s rendition of the comic book superhero: Man of Steel. The shadow covering Henry Cavill’s face directs attention immediately to the Superman costume which looks a bit like chainmail to this observer, somewhat playing upon the steel part of this super-man. Many observers seem to enjoy the return to a more classical style of insignia design as well.

If the old adage “The suit makes the man” holds true, Superman will truly soar and Man of Steel will manage to cash in.

New Images from ‘The Hobbit’ from Comic Con Scroll

The recent release of ‘The Scroll’ for Comic Con ’12 is a breath of fresh air for all of those waiting for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to be released. For any who have been keeping up to date on breaking news and press releases about this film it is nice to finally be getting something other than bad news about casting, directing, locations, and so forth. This little teaser is exactly what the community needs to finally feel assured that this movie is actually going to happen.

Not only do we know it is moving ever closer to a release date but now also have an idea as to how accurately the movie will be following the book story. Jackson was generally praised for his skill at faithfully adapting the books to film, though many a fan lamented the few cuts and alterations which were made. The biggest question on everyone’s mind this far has essentially been whether or not Jackson wants to follow the Hobbit storyline as neatly as he did in the LotR trilogy, or if he even can do so and still make a good film.

The scroll release seems to allay some of these worries. From the left to right the scenes seem to fairly correctly demonstrate that at least the main structure, and some of the particular details which carry it, of the plot are being replicated on film as accurately as can be done. While designed as a children’s book, the Hobbit tells a story which has the power to captivate all audiences, especially those waiting to see on the big screen just how the events of the LotR series come to be.

The story told on the scroll is not complete, but it is a tantalizing and promising glimpse!

See the full scroll here.

Have the pictures of ‘The Scroll’ captivated you? Which scene are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

George R.R. Martin Compares Game of Thrones to a ‘Giant Locomotive’ Bearing Down on Him


ImageGame of Thrones. . . I consider myself something of a fan: willing to struggle every week against my slow internet connection and resulting low quality video to get my fix, and the mere mention of a favorite character or scene sends me into a flurry of joyous aspirations and recollective ramblings. Alas, despite my enthusiasm, I am so far naught but a TV-version junkie.

I am one of those fans which George R.R. Martin describes in his interview with HBO that loves the show, but considers lifting even one of the currently five existing books a daunting ordeal. I am sure they are wonderful and I do love a good read, but Mr. Martin himself admits that ‘prose and film have different techniques and weapons that they use.’

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