Adaptation Podcast Episodes for Treatment of Post-LeakyCon Depression

For Hunger Games fans:

Book: #6 Hunger Games, Y U So Brilliant?

Film: #7 Seneca Crane’s Beard Invalidates Your Argument

For fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

#42 All About the EL BEE DEE!

For Marvel Fans:

The Avengers: #10 Joss Whedon is a God… Among Men

Iron Man 3: #44 Iron Man Suit Up! 

For fans of The Hobbit:

Book: #26 Luckily for Hobbits, Size Doesn’t Matter

Film (Part I): #29 Toners for Dwarves

For Star Trek fans:

#45 Star Trek Into the Bluest Blue

For The Great Gatsby fans:

#46 The Not Quite Oscar-Worthy Gatsby

If you like… or love to hate Stephenie Meyer:

Breaking Dawn Part II: #25 Vampires Taste Like Freeze Dried Chicken

The Host (book): #38 Mind, Host and Soul

The Host (film): #41 A Host of Issues

For Les Miserables fans:

#31 Vive la Revolution pour les Miserables

For Beautiful Creatures fans:

Book:#33 Beautiful Outcasters

Film: #36 What Beautiful Creatures These Mortals Be

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