Adaptation #107: Victoria “Ghoulish” Frankenstein, MD

header107There are just too many things to talk about with Pemberley Digital latest endeavor Frankenstein MD. After reading a record number of comments, the hosts go over how a gender-swapped Frankenstein is pulled off, Victoria’s likability, and what things they wish had been included. Pacing, sexism in STEM, Steve’s acting ability… it all leads to a jam-packed episode!

If this series got you thinking about reading Mary Shelley’s novel, check out Kendyl’s book review!

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Upcoming Adaptations


-Dec 5 (US), Jan 23 (UK)

-Based on Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

Pretty Little Liars Season 5

-Special episode December 9 on ABC Family

-Based on the book series by Sara Shepard


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Michigander80 gave us 5 stars!: “Intelligent and entertaining discussion of our favorite books and movies: I stumbled across Adaptation a few weeks ago and have already enjoyed probably 20 of their podcasts. Normally with movie adaptation discussions you either get overzealous fangirl reviews that are perhaps less objective or you get totally negative reviews ripping the films to shreds. The staff at Adaptation present mature, but fun discussions about book and movie themes, character and world development. I really look forward to seeing what’s to come.”

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thatssojohnnysnow: “I loved the show, but I wish it had been longer. I felt like the whole story arc once the Monster came back to life was too rushed and we didn’t really have time to form an emotional connection before it all wrapped up. Also As much as I loved Victoria, I felt she was far too likable. Part of the point of Frankenstein is that the scientist is the monster, and this adaptation missed that. We’re not supposed to like her!”

mrsmarisacoulter: “I loved it! I thought it made the most sense in its storytelling v. formatting since the  Lizzie Bennet Diaries! The educational angle really worked, though I would have like to see a little bit of what happened after the last episode.”

strangenewclassrooms: “I was disappointed with the characterization of Victoria—honestly, she was wayyyy to likable by the end. Also, the monster was supposed to be fully articulate not just some stumbling, shambling zombie-like creature. I was super pleased with the ending, however. For the arc that was chosen, it was the best place to end it.”

Pheobetheconsultingdetective: ” IT WAS SO GOOD!!! We read Frankenstein in school a few years back and the way it was taught made it into an incredibly boring story. But this adaptation made things so much more exciting and interesting and I’m now really interested to go back and read the book again.”

Xenolilly: “I was very skeptical of this adaptation. Overall I ended up liking the series. The modern science used was really interesting and educational. Iggy was funny. Victoria was a mad scientist. The supporting characters acted well. The one thing about the adaptation that didn’t quite sit well with me was the monster being Robert. Robert is suppose to hear the story. Instead we the viewers are Robert, but the monster is Robert and it just felt off for me. Like I said, I liked it overall, and I think it adds nicely to the Frankenstein adaptations. ”

Ageoflonging (on the ending): “I knew what had to happen. But it hit me harder than I expected.”

nanie93: “I hadn’t read Frankenstein so I was going into the show mostly blind. All I knew was that Frankenstein was a doctor that reanimated somebody and it was considered a monster (or something like that). I always see Frankenstein depicted as a big, tall creature with bolts in his neck and sutures all over. So I started watching with that image in my head.
I was really into the show though. I’d never really considered reading the actual Frankenstein or watching any other adaptations but after watching Frankenstein, MD, I really want to. I really liked the science-based material. And I thought everyone did a really good job acting. I hadn’t realized how much I cared about everybody until they started dying lol.
I like how Victoria changed throughout as well. I didn’t dislike her in the beginning, I just thought she had problems interacting with other people or something.
And I really enjoyed Iggy! I’m not sure if it was just because of the way he was written or if it was because Steve is awesome lol but his character was funny and likeable. Actually, they kind of all were. All except beginning!Victoria lol.
I enjoyed the show and I want there to be a season 2! Or is this how the book ends? O.o I must read! Lol.”

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@SamBadias1: “I loved it! I shipped Eli & Victoria so hard, I just wish the series could have lasted longer”

Main Discussion

Frankenstein MD

-Created by Pemberley Digital and PBS Digital Studios

-Producers: Bernie Su and Tracy Bitterolf (and Hank Green!)

-Show Runners: Lon Harris and Brett Register

-Cast: Anna Lore, Steve Zaragoza, Brendan Bradley, Sara Fletcher and Kevin Rock

-Based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley with elements from the 1931 film by James Whale

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