Kendyl was on this week’s Maze Runner Chat!

This week, Kendyl joined Ben and Dillon on Maze Runner Chat to discuss chapters 3-5 of The Scorch Trials. You might remember Ben from the episode of Adaptation where we covered The Maze Runner film.

Be sure to go give it a listen!

Maze Runner Chat #16: “Outside The Box”maze runner chat

by Benjamin Holmquist (@Ben_Holmquist)

On this week’s episode, Ben and Dillonare joined byKendyl from Adaptation Podcast for a great discussion on the upcoming film adaptation of ‘The Scorch Trials,’ as well as chapter analysis and listener feedback.  Contest winners are also announced.Contact us:
Twitter: @MazeRunnerChat

You can check out Adaptation Podcast at, or on Twitter @AdaptationCast!

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