Adaptation Celebrates 100 Episodes!

header100-5In this special celebratory episode, a few of our hosts get together to discuss how the podcast got started, how they each got involved and which episodes they look back on with fondness!

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Music by DropVox

Some of our favorite episodes:

#1: The Cinemagic of Hugo Cabret

#6: Hunger Games, Y U So Brilliant?

#9: Snow White and the Stranger Danger

#11: Things Disney Taught Us

#12: AL Vamp Hunt (dig)?

#24: Cloud Atlas Takes Over Our Brains

#25: Vampires Taste Like Freeze Dried Chicken

#32: Hot Blood, Warm Bodies

#37: Hansel and Gretel, So Hot Right Now

#52: Much Ado About Whedon

#60: Carrie Can’t Control the Crazy

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