Highlander Reboot: The Eighties Cheesiness, the Awful Acting, Is Ryan Reynolds Up to the Task?

I am not sure how many of you remember the movie Highlander, which premiered in 1986, starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, an immortal Scottish highlander. Throughout the film Lambert is trying to stay alive while waiting for the Gathering, when all of these immortal men will gather in one place to fight to the death, until only one remains. Remember those last words; you hear them so much it hurts in the film. A whole bunch of stuff happens, bad acting, horrible battle scenes, awful effects…do you see where I am going with this? To top it all off this film had three sequels and spawned one of the cheesiest TV series that were so bad they were amazing! Christopher Lambert was just as sexy then, as a ruggedly good looking highland warrior, as he is today.

However, with plans for a reboot in the near future it is not Christopher Lambert that they are recruiting to play Connor MacLeod. Now some fans will baulk at this. No Lambert? Blasphemy! And, to be frank, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is hard to imagine Highlander without Lambert’s horrible accents and his all-around terrible acting. Though, what if they found an actor that could be all the things that Lambert was? Will that appease you Highlander fans enough to see the movie?

Well you might be in luck! It is confirmed that Ryan Reynolds has accepted the role of Connor MacLeod in the upcoming reboot. It is difficult to say whether or not he will live up to our expectations. Though, to be perfectly honest, I do not think I have ever heard Reynolds use any accent but his own. Oh master the possibilities of his abilities to mess up an accent! He is great at picking horrible movies to play in and being really weird on purpose (to be fair Lambert just does it naturally which, quite frankly, is a beautiful talent).

Though there are those that will have their reservations about Reynolds, considering his hit or miss movies in the past. His movies either win him critical acclaim or nothing at all. Though, I have to admit, I love this actor. He plays in some of my favorite movies and his one-liners are to die for. I look forward to seeing this movie, in all its epic awfulness. However, what do you guys think? I know that Lambert is a hard act to follow, but could Reynolds be brilliant in this role or completely ruin the reboot?

For more information see the article:

Ryan Reynolds

And, for the love of God, you owe it to yourselves, if you have not seen these movies to do so. They are definitely movies you have to see for yourselves. Then judge whether you think the reboot will do will with Reynolds as its star.

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